BlackBerry IVY

Standardize vehicle data and process at the edge

Streamline automotive software development
BlackBerry IVY is an in-vehicle and cloud connected software solution designed to enable software developers to more efficiently build and deploy data-driven middleware services in the vehicle. BlackBerry IVY abstracts vehicle signals and enables developers to process those signals with code, including with Machine Learning. Car makers and software developers benefit from data connectivity savings, reduced development times, and increased agility without having to make a large upfront software investment.
Predictive Maintenance Models at the Edge with BlackBerry IVY


Standardize Across Systems

Expose processed vehicle signals as a service by design to simplify integrations, reduce development time and maximize re-usability.

Leverage In-Vehicle Compute Hardware

Process more data in the vehicle for direct use and enable the use of ML in the vehicle. Reduce the need to transmit data outside the vehicle to reduce cloud infrastructure costs.

Own Your Vehicle Tech and Data

Retain control over the technology stack in your vehicle and remain in full control of vehicle data, provisioning, policies, and permissions.

Simplified Integration of Third-Party Solutions

Facilitate vehicle integration and onboarding of third-party solution providers, reducing the time, resources, and engineering efforts required to bring new applications to vehicles.

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Discover how IVY can help unleash the potential of vehicle data at the edge

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BlackBerry® QNX® is a trusted supplier of safe and secure operating systems, software and services for building the world’s automotive and most critical embedded systems.

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BlackBerry IVY In Depth

Explore a foundational data insights platform for the software defined vehicle.

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Cloud Native Development of Synthetic Sensors diagram

Cloud Native Development Of Synthetic Sensors With BlackBerry IVY on Linux

Learn how to develop and deploy a synthetic sensor for scene detection on a cloud native target using BlackBerry IVY on Linux in the cloud.

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AWS and BlackBerry QNX join forces to accelerate auto innovation with BlackBerry IVY, a new intelligent vehicle data platform

Learn how QNX® Neutrino® OS on Amazon EC2 Graviton will bring environment parity to your BlackBerry IVY developments.

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