AWS Application Cost Profiler

Granular cost insights for your multi-tenant applications

AWS Application Cost Profiler will be discontinued by September 30, 2024 and is no longer accepting new customers.

AWS Application Cost Profiler provides you the ability to track the consumption of shared AWS resources used by software applications and report granular cost breakdown across tenant base. You can achieve economies of scale with the shared infrastructure model, while still maintaining a clear line of sight to detailed resource consumption information across multiple dimensions.

With the proportionate cost insights of shared AWS resources, organizations running applications can establish the data foundation for accurate cost allocation model, and ISV selling applications can better understand your profitability and customize pricing strategies for your end customers.


Cost efficiency

No need to invest in engineering and infrastructure resources to build and maintain your own big data infrastructure to track and compute usage of shared resources, or spend on ongoing effort to correlate consumption of shared resources with your AWS billing information across services and manage reporting capabilities for your internal and external users. With AWS Application Cost Profiler, you can get started for free and only pay for your report after the free usage of 30GB.

Flexible data collection

You can use your own metering tools or leverage supported log mechanism to collect and ingest tenant usage metadata in file format using AWS Application Cost Profiler through API via AWS SDK. Whichever metering solution you choose, AWS Application Cost Profiler will compute and correlate your tenant usage of application against your resource usage and billing data.

Margin analysis

The detailed tenant level resource usage and cost information allows you to better understand your resource utilization status and profitability, so you can adjust your architectural design, product pricing strategy, and cost allocation models to achieve cost accountability and higher ROI. Scale confidently with tailor-made go-to-market and cost management strategy, and understand your spend and usage trends with high granularity.

Getting Started with AWS Application Cost Profiler

Get started with AWS Application Cost Profiler to track the consumption of shared AWS resources used by software applications and report granular cost and usage information by tenant.

How it works

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