AWS Cost and Usage Reports

Dive deeper into your AWS cost and usage data


Understand cost drivers at the resource level and identify cost optimization opportunities.

Organize cost and usage data with your own AWS cost categories and cost allocation tags.

Create and publish billing reports to break down your cloud costs.

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Announcing AWS Data Exports to create customized exports of billing and cost management data. Get more value from your billing and cost management data with customized exports and pre-built Amazon QuickSight dashboards.

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Use cases

Amortize associated fees and calculate internal cost allocations based on your organization’s reporting needs.

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Query your cost and usage information with data integration, or perform deeper data analyses using other AWS services.

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Analyze your costs in greater detail when your bill is higher or lower than expected.

Use AWS CUR with member accounts

Query the cost and usage report to analyze the root causes of unexpected trends and take immediate action.

Read the data dictionary

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