AWS Cost Categories

Map cost and usage information to your organizational structure

Define custom rules to categorize your cost to your internal business and organizational structures

Get an overview of your cost allocations within your Cost Categories

Define split charge rules to equitably allocate your costs across your Cost Categories

Set up integrations and use cost categories in other AWS Billing and Cost Management services

AWS Cost Categories is a feature within AWS Cost Management product suite that enables you to group cost and usage information into meaningful categories based on your needs. You can create custom categories and map your cost and usage information into these categories based on the rules defined by you using various dimensions such as account, tag, service, charge type, and even other cost categories. Once cost categories are set up and enabled, you will be able to view your cost and usage information by these categories starting at the beginning of the month in AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR).

How it works

Use cases

Automatically categorize your cost information

Define custom rules to map to your internal business and organizational structures.

Define split charge rules based on your business

With split charge rules, you can equitably allocate these costs across your Cost Category values.

Create multilevel hierarchical relationships

You can create multilevel hierarchical relationships among your cost categories by using Cost Category as a dimension.

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