Reserved Instance Reporting

Manage and monitor your instance reservations

Explore specific AWS services, pricing, tagging, and other information as it applies to your Reserved Instances (RIs).

Assess the reservation Amazon Resource Name (ARN), and the number of reservations and units per reservation.

Quantify your savings by calculating the difference between the public on-demand rates and your charges.

Trace which AWS instances benefit from specific reservations, and learn how to customize your RI discount-sharing preferences.

How it works

Use RI Reporting to set custom RI usage and coverage targets, visualize how well you are tracking toward your goals, and access information associated with your savings compared to on-demand prices.

Diagram of how you can receive RI purchase recommendations and reports based on historical service usage.

Use cases

Access RI purchase recommendations

Use AWS Cost Explorer to access context-aware recommendations based on your past use and find
potential savings opportunities.

Understand your RIs

Customize AWS Cost and Usage Reports to collect detailed data at the daily and monthly levels.

Receive RI usage and coverage alerts

Specify custom RI usage or coverage targets, and receive alerts when you drop below your defined

How to get started

Get RI purchase recommendations

Monitor your RIs with RI-specific cost management solutions.

Customize your spending plans

Learn how to implement an effective cost allocation strategy.

Explore how to fine-tune costs

Learn how to drive efficient cloud spending and business growth.

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