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Let AWS Help You Build a China-ready Business

AWS helps millions of customers worldwide transform their business, enabling digital transformation that unlocks innovation and customer success. AWS China region started its operation in China since 2013, and the investment has been expanding since then. 

The AWS China Gateway provides information that helps customers of all sizes to get started in using AWS to extend their business with AWS in China. 

AWS in China, Since 2013


Why AWS in China?

Long-term commitment in China 

  • We have operation in 20 cities in China. 
  • We have 2 labs in Shenzhen and Shanghai to support the high demands and rapid development on IoT and artificial intelligence.
  • With the highly capable professionals from AWS Professional Services, Solution Architects and AWS Support team, we are able to provide consultancy, technology solutions and support to all kinds of customers.
  • We are building industry solution capabilities based on in-depth industry knowledge, deeply understanding our customers’ pain points and serving their needs. 
  • APN-certified partners have years of experience in bringing global businesses to China.

Compliant with China’s legal and regulatory requirements

  • Infrastructure tailored for China
    • AWS China Regions are located within mainland China.
    • An AWS China Region Account is physically and logically separated from other AWS Regions.
  • Fully certified to Chinese cloud standards
    • AWS China Regions have attained necessary certifications for operating cloud services in China.
  • ICP Recordal support
    • AWS partners Sinnet and NWCD can support customers requiring ICP Recordals for their top-level domain names in China.

Globally consistent experience

  • AWS China Regions have the same console experience as other AWS regions. Developers won’t need additional training to use AWS services in the AWS China Regions, which use the same APIs, SDKs, and CLIs used in other AWS Regions.
  • Write code once and deploy globally with ease.
  • Global standard security.

Easily migrate your applications to AWS China Regions with seamless cross-border connection

  • AMIs and data can be easily copied into AWS China Regions.
  • Select from a wide variety of global and local third-party tools and solutions to help your migration.
  • Using services provided by leading Chinese telecommunication carriers, customers can easily establish connectivity between resources in AWS China Regions and those located outside China. 
  • Bandwidth can be flexibly configured, based on business requirements.

What customers say?

  • With over 14 years in the market and millions of customers globally running every imaginable use case, AWS has the most operational experience of any cloud provider.
  • We are taking our experience with millions of customers globally and applying it at the regional level in key markets such as China to extend our customers’ success with AWS in China.  
  • Customers feel confident in choosing AWS for the capabilities and services based on its reputation and experience. Here are just a handful of global customers who have chosen AWS in China across various industries and sectors, including Thermo Fisher, Siemens, Toyota, Swire Coca-Cola, Canva, and more.

What are on our customers’ top of mind?

Global-to-China landing roadmap:
We recommend you consider the following landing road map and check list while you plan business expansion to China.
See check list >>
Business Planning & Implementation
  • Understand China regulatory requirement
    • Market entry
    • Operation
  • Setup China legal entity
  • Early engage with AWS and APN partners 



IT Planning
  • Define deploy strategy from global to China
    • Network infrastructure
    • Data residency and transit
    • Security
  • Understand AWS China
    • Business model
    • Service parity & alternatives
    • Local resources
    • Reference cases
AWS on-boarding
  • Register AWS China Account
  • Go through ICP Filing for public website
  • Sign customer agreements
  • Assure Infosec & compliance (e.g. MLPS)
Operation & Iteration
  • Leverage AWS best practices
    • ProServe
    • Enterprise support
    • Enterprise programs
  • Leverage APN partners’ migration & integration service
  • Leverage AWS China marketplace

Information security and compliance

Similar to the U.S. Privacy Shield framework and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), China’s Cybersecurity Law (2017) has deeply impacted the regulatory environment and increased the factors that need to be considered when doing business in China. We highly recommend customers study relevant laws in detail to get best understanding of the regulations in your market segment.
"Global customer journey in China" shares our understanding about the regulatory environment and recommendations customers might want to take into account. ICP and MLPS are the two most common requirements, hence, we provide details of what they are and what we can support you in those two subjects.
Last but not least, when you use AWS regions, you already meet the data residency requirement. AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) is now available in China regions, which will make you rest assured that you already meet Crypto requirements. And China regions' MLPS 2.0 level 3 certified to proof your application are MLPS certified.

Go-to-China check list
We recommend you consider the following check list while you plan business expansion to China -

  1. Use China local business entity
    AWS is working with APN hosting service partners and local incubators as well as VC/PEs who can provide relevant support in China 
  2. Work with partners
    If you are working with APN partners outside China, we’d highly recommend you to reach out to them for assistant. 
  3. Regulation update - consult your legal counsel and stay connected with your AWS counterpart closely for updates
  4. Key things to consider while you have demand of cross-border data transit:·
    •The connection - make sure to use authorized service provider for VPN, leased line or SD-WAN
    •Data security – work with AWS to design an infrastructure best fit your security requirement on data store and data transit.
  5. Decide your payment method


  Market Entry Operation
Regulatory Requirements
  • Negative List
  • Favorable arrangements in FTZ and under CEPA
  • Industry specific regulations
  • Cybersecurity Regulation
  • Other supporting regulations, measures and national standards


& Actions

  • Business model
  • Business license
    • General (for all industries)
      • ICP Filing
    • Industry specific (use Telecom Catalogue as an example)
      • ICP License
      • IRC (Internet Resource Collaboration)
      • PaaS & SaaS
  • Public Security Bureau Filing
  • MLPS - Multi-Level Protection Scheme
  • CII - Critical information infrastructure
  • Data Governance
    • Personal Information
    • Data Local Storage & Cross-Border Transfer
  • Real Name Verification
  • Content Compliance
  • Finance system (SAP) backup

Internet Content Providers (ICPs) is the process built under China Cyber Security Law and relevant regulations, it is the most important mechanism to govern the behavior on Internet.
Check more information on public internet

What is ICP filling and license?
If you provide content that can be accessed through public internet, can be a website, mobile APP, or Web API for non-commercial purposes (e.g. E-commerce for promoting and selling its own products) , you may simply just need to go through the ICP filing process. You may heard of “ICP Recordal” or “ICP Bei’An’”, they are same thing.
If you are providing specific services over internet through website, mobile APP, provide Web API, or the content and service with commercial transactions (e.g. online advertisement, e-commerce for 3rd parties to sell their products), or related to governed market segments like education, healthcare, media, financial service, you may need to obtain certain ICP license accordingly.
The law asked all public cloud service providers can only serve those content or service owners with ICP licenses or completed ICP filing, NWCD and Sinnet will verify customers’ qualifications before active the service for public access. Customers who apply ICP must have a China local business entity in mainland China and the domain name should be registered in China DNS provider with one local domain certificate. NWCD and Sinnet disable port 80/443/8080 by default before the ICP approved.

AWS China’s support on ICP
AWS China business development manager can work with Sinnet & NWCD to help you on ICP process.
*  Sinnet: As the operator of AWS China (Beijing) Region, is responsible for supporting and verifying ICP filling and ICP License for AWS China (Beijing) Region customers. Check details on Sinnet website.
*  NWCD: As the operator of AWS China (Ningxia) Region, is responsible for supporting and verifying ICP filling and ICP License for AWS China (Ningxia) Region customers. Learn more from NWCD website.

Public security registration process
When you have obtained the ICP filing or license, you shall continue to apply for filing at the local police bureau within 30 days. Reach out your counterpart from AWS China for assistant.


What is MLPS?
The multi-level protection scheme (“MLPS”) is a core part of the Chinese cybersecurity legal regime. It requires network operators to classify their networks into different security grades scaling from Level 1 to Level 5 and undertake the corresponding level of cybersecurity obligations.

  • If you are a network operator as defined in the Cyber Security Law ("CSL"), you are responsible for proposing your network’s grade level based upon a self-assessment. The grade is classified according to the severity of potential damages that a cybersecurity incident to the network may cause. If you propose Level 2 or above regarding your network, you are required to engage a qualified expert to conduct an additional assessment and the result should be filed with the industry authority for approval, and further with the public security bureau for certification.
  • If your network is graded Level 3 or above, you should select cyber products and services equivalent to or above the security protection grade of your network. Both Sinnet and NWCD have obtained MLPS Level 3 certification for their systems used to provide AWS services. Upon your request, Sinnet and NWCD can provide you with information about their respective MLPS certification subject to your confidentiality agreements with them.
  • If you are a network operator as defined in the CSL, you should comply with the general MLPS obligations under the CSL from two aspects: (i) organizational, such as managing internal security system, implementing network security, designating personnel in charge, and (ii) technical, such as establishing technical measures to prevent virus, cyberattacks and network intrusion, backup and encryption, and keeping network logs for 6 months.
    Failing to fulfill any of the above general obligations may result in administrative penalties, including warning, order for rectifications, and monetary penalties on both the company and the personnel directly in charge.

How AWS support you with MLPS?
As an AWS customer in China, you may evaluate the impact of conducting MLPS audit against your system. AWS has a variety of offerings to help you. Firstly, China two regions have been certified as MLPS level 3. this is the foundation. Second, our solution architect could help to provide technical suggestions when you need to fulfill one of the requirements. We also offer AWS China compliance briefing in order to help you understand the underlying MLPS compliance. We provide trainings to the authorized MLPS auditor about AWS cloud and make them be familiar and knowledgeable with AWS technologies before auditing our customers, which will help to accelerate the audit process. AWS professional service and a series of partners could also provide consultancy and technical/product support. Please discuss with your counterpart in AWS China.


AWS China regions are hosting the same standard of infrastructure as other regions from AWS global. Sinnet and NWCD are data center license holders which allow them to operate cloud services.

Major security auditing certifications for AWS China (Beijing) Region (operated by Sinnet) include: MLPS Level 3, ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO20000, ISO22301, ISO27018, Trusted Cloud Service, PCI-DSS, SOC, IRCS (Internet Resource Collaboration Service)

Major security auditing certifications for AWS China (Ningxia) Region (operated by NWCD) include: MLPS Level 3, ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO20000, ISO22301, ISO27018, ISO27701, Trusted Cloud Service, PCI-DSS, SOC1-2-3, IRCS (Internet Resource Collaboration Service)


AWS China Resources

Global and China AWS work as ONE team along the whole customer journey. Together with our vibrant partner network and local expertise in professional service, solution architects and support, we provide you with a hassle-free operational mechanism for ‘Global-to-China’ landing.

  • Partner Network
  • Professional Services
  • Local Support
  • Partner Network
  • The number of AWS partners in China has grown into thousands, including both global partners and local partners, from consultancy partners, to SIs and ISVs, providing both global solutions and local industry vertical solutions. Find out more

    AWS Marketplace China, officially launched in January of 2020, now offers more than 150 software products across several categories such as operating system, security, network infrastructure, big data, and business analytics. Find out more in Marketplace.

  • Professional Services
  • AWS China Professional Services (The "ProServe”) in China consists of professionals with extensive industry practice knowledge and strong full-stack solution competency.

    As one of Proserve’s offerings in China, AWS China ProServe have supported many multinational companies localize their headquarters aligned Landing Zone design, migrate to AWS China regions and work properly complying to customers’ global requirement. This has helped global customers easily roll out their applications to China and effectively support customers’ worldwide programs’ execution and business development. 

    More importantly, AWS China ProServe Landing Zone services support customers’ application deployment on AWS China adhere to China MLPS 2.0 requirements.

  • Local Support
  • One-to-one support for fast response channel is provided with experienced technical support engineer, all day without break for the year (24x7x365) for customer service. This service helps customers of all sizes and technical capabilities provided by the successful use of the AWS products and features.

    If you are interested in AWS Support, please create a case in Support Center or email for AWS China region support plan subscription and change. You can also visit AWS Support website for more details:

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