AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF)

Accelerating your cloud-powered digital business transformation

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) leverages AWS experience and best practices to help you digitally transform and accelerate your business outcomes through innovative use of AWS. AWS CAF identifies specific organizational capabilities that underpin successful cloud transformations. These capabilities provide best practice guidance that helps you improve your cloud readiness. AWS CAF groups its capabilities in six perspectives: Business, People, Governance, Platform, Security, and Operations. Each perspective comprises a set of capabilities that functionally related stakeholders own or manage in the cloud transformation journey. Use the AWS CAF to identify and prioritize transformation opportunities, evaluate and improve your cloud readiness, and iteratively evolve your transformation roadmap.

Capabilities and perspectives

AWS CAF capabilities provide best practice guidance that helps you improve your cloud readiness. AWS CAF perspectives comprise capabilities that functionally related stakeholders own or manage in your cloud transformation journey.


The Business perspective helps ensure that your cloud investments accelerate your digital transformation ambitions and business outcomes. Common stakeholders include chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief operations officer (COO), chief information officer (CIO), and chief technology officer (CTO).


The People perspective serves as a bridge between technology and business, accelerating the cloud journey to help organizations more rapidly evolve to a culture of continuous growth, learning, and where change becomes business-as-normal, with focus on culture, organizational structure, leadership, and workforce. Common stakeholders include CIO, COO, CTO, cloud director, and cross-functional and enterprise-wide leaders.


The Governance perspective helps you orchestrate your cloud initiatives while maximizing organizational benefits and minimizing transformation-related risks. Common stakeholders include chief transformation officer, CIO, CTO, CFO, chief data officer (CDO), and chief risk officer (CRO).


The Platform perspective helps you build an enterprise-grade, scalable, hybrid cloud platform, modernize existing workloads, and implement new cloud-native solutions. Common stakeholders include CTO, technology leaders, architects, and engineers.


The Security perspective helps you achieve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and cloud workloads. Common stakeholders include chief information security officer (CISO), chief compliance officer (CCO), internal audit leaders, and security architects and engineers.


The Operations perspective helps ensure that your cloud services are delivered at a level that meets the needs of your business. Common stakeholders include infrastructure and operations leaders, site reliability engineers, and information technology service managers.

AWS cloud readiness assessment

Assess your organization’s readiness for cloud-powered digital business transformation. Use this assessment to evaluate your cloud readiness and identify gaps and opportunities against 47 AWS CAF capabilities, across six perspectives.


Reduce business risk

Reduce business risk

Lower your risk profile through improved reliability, increased performance, and enhanced security.

Improve environmental, social, and governance performance

Improve environmental, social, and governance performance

Leverage insights to improve sustainability and corporate transparency.

Grow revenue

Grow revenue

Create new products and services, reach new customers, and enter new market segments.

Increase operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

Reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and improve employee and customer experience.

How it works


Identify and prioritize transformation opportunities in line with your strategic objectives. Associating your transformation initiatives with key stakeholders and measurable business outcomes will help you demonstrate value as you progress through your transformation journey.

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) - Envision (0:23)


Identify capability gaps and cross-organizational dependencies. Doing so will help you create strategies for improving your cloud readiness, ensure stakeholder alignment, and facilitate relevant organizational change management activities.

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) - Align (0:23)


Deliver pilots in production and demonstrate incremental business value. Pilots should be highly impactful and when successful they will influence future direction. Learning from pilots will help you adjust your approach before scaling to full production.

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) - Launch (0:23)


Expand pilots and business value to desired scale and ensure that the business benefits associated with your cloud investments are realized and sustained.

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) - Scale (0:23)

Use cases


Migrate and modernize legacy infrastructure, applications, and data and analytics platforms. Cloud Value Benchmarking shows that migrating from on-premises to AWS leads to a 27% reduction in cost per user, a 58% increase in VMs managed per admin, a 57% decrease in downtime, and a 34% decrease in security events.


Digitize, automate, and optimize your business operations. This may include leveraging new data and analytics platforms to create actionable insights or using machine learning (ML) to improve your customer service experience, employee productivity and decision-making, business forecasting, fraud detection and prevention, and industrial operations.


Reimagine how your business and technology teams create customer value and meet your strategic intent. Organizing your teams around products and value streams while leveraging agile methods to rapidly iterate and evolve will help you become more responsive and customer centric.


Reimagine your business model by creating new value propositions and revenue models. Cloud Value Benchmarking shows that adopting AWS leads to a 37% reduction in time-to-market for new features and applications, a 342% increase in code deployment frequency, and a 38% reduction in the time it takes to deploy new code.

Customer success stories

University of Auckland

University of Auckland leveraged AWS CAF as a guide for staff, teachers, and researchers on how to use the cloud.

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Met Office

The Met Office used AWS CAF to evaluate its cloud maturity and optimize its internal capabilities.

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Suntory Group used AWS CAF to help accelerate the implementation of its Global IT Infrastructure Roadmap.

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Sensis used AWS CAF to guide its teams on best practices and help accelerate its cloud migration.

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