Cloud Comparisons

This Cloud Comparisons page features content that helps readers understand common use cases for when to use one cloud solution or another. Compare and contrast cloud solutions and learn the nuances of different use cases that work best for your situation. 

What's the difference between containers and virtual machines?

Containers and virtual machines are technologies that make your applications independent from your IT infrastructure resources. A container is a software code package containing an application’s code, its libraries, and other dependencies. Containerization makes your applications portable so that the same code can run on any device. A virtual machine is a digital copy of a physical machine. You can have multiple virtual machines with their own individual operating systems running on the same host operating system. In addition, you can create a virtual machine that contains everything required to run your application.

What are the differences among a data lake, data warehouse, and data mart?

Data warehouses, data lakes, and data marts are different cloud storage solutions. A data warehouse stores data in a structured format. It is a central repository of preprocessed data for analytics and business intelligence. A data mart is a data warehouse that serves the needs of a specific business unit, like a company’s finance, marketing, or sales department. On the other hand, a data lake is a central repository for raw data and unstructured data. You can store data first and process it later on.

What are the differences among hybrid apps, native apps, and web apps?

An application is a software that lets you exchange information with customers and help them complete specific tasks. Different types of applications, or apps, are based on their development method and internal functionality. Web apps are delivered over an internet browser. Users don't need to install them on their devices. Native apps, on the other hand, are built for a specific platform or device type. The user must install the appropriate software version on their device of choice. Hybrid apps are native applications with a web browser embedded inside them.

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