Deliver agile, scalable, and intelligent applications

Innovate and evolve to meet customer demands today and tomorrow.

Power modern applications with data and generative AI

To increase the pace of innovation and build new customer experiences, modernizing how you develop and operate applications is key. Find new revenue streams and optimize costs with modern applications that evolve with customer needs, data volumes, and regulatory changes. Create the right foundation for your applications, including generative AI applications, with AWS purpose-built databases and infuse AI and machine learning to add intelligence.

  • Increase revenue and enter new markets with scalable and flexible applications built on the cloud. Gain the competitive edge with agile apps that adapt as customer needs change.

  • Speed time to market with low-code capabilities that guide application developers. Easily ingest machine learning and AI into applications with no prior ML experience.

  • Add intelligence to applications to deliver new customer experiences. Embed powerful interactive dashboards, natural language querying, and reporting to delight users and speed performance.

Modern application success with AWS

Discover how AWS customers are using data to build modern, agile applications.
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Capital One

Capital One embraces microservices architecture to elevate and scale customer experience with Capital One Intelligent Assistant.

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Amazon moved thousands of decentralized databases to AWS to modernize apps and customer experiences.

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United Airlines

United Airlines streamlines the travel experience while reducing costs with AWS-powered applications.


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ADP processes petabytes of data to unlock workforce insights, helping its customers realize diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

Application modernization use cases

Innovate with data-intensive apps

Invent experiences that better connect you with customers. Migrate to AWS purpose-built databases and use ML services to support apps that evolve to meet customer expectations.

Modernize your data infrastructure

Build a future-proof infrastructure for developing modern applications with AWS data services. Support flexible microservices-based architectures with databases that best suit each app workload.

Add intelligence to applications

Embed intelligence into business processes and apps in near real-time with Amazon QuickSight. Unlock real-time search, monitoring, and analysis of business and operational data with Amazon OpenSearch.

Create generative AI applications

Leverage vector capabilities in AWS databases to create knwoeldge base for generative AI applications. Easily build generative AI applications with leading foundation models using Amazon Bedrock.

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