CDO Agenda 2023: Prioritizing business value creation

Explore the key priorities, challenges, and drivers of success for Chief Data Officers

Data is at the center of every application, process, and business decision. Nearly every organization is on a quest to become more data-driven to more quickly discover and act on insights. To accelerate this change, they are turning to Chief Data Officers (CDOs).

A CDO oversees a range of data related functions and ensures that the organization is getting the most value out of its data. We partnered with Tom H. Davenport and MIT CDOIQ to conduct one of the largest CDO studies ever to find out what makes them successful.

Watch Tom Davenport and Tom Godden, AWS Enterprise Strategist, discuss key learnings from the report
2023 AWS Chief Data Officer (CDO) Report
2023 AWS Chief Data Officer (CDO) Report

In this report, you will find:

  • The profile of a modern CDO
  • How CDOs define success
  • Key priorities for the CDOs
  • How successful CDOs are creating value

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