Elevate customer experiences with a 360-degree view of data

Uncover valuable insights, increase personalization, and drive loyalty

Gain complete visibility of customer journeys

Get the holistic view of your customer needed for analysis, targeting, segmentation, and personalization. Make the decisions to improve the customer experience—securely and efficiently—based on insights from across the customer journey.

  • Unify customer data across internal and external data sources to get a 360-degree view so you can create personalized experiences tailored to individual customer preferences and behaviors

  • Analyze all your data from disparate sources to understand your customers. Use the insights to support audience segmentation, ad targeting, and attribution.

  • Build unique customer profiles  that become a single source of truth. Quickly deploy curated recommendations that lead to greater loyalty conversions.

Customer 360 Success on AWS

Discover how AWS customers are using data to deliver superior customer experiences
Salesforce company logo

AWS data services provide Salesforce marketers with detailed views of their consumers to improve business outcomes.

Globe company logo
Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom collects and processes real-time data in a customer intelligence platform to provide more personalized experiences.

Cox Automotive company logo
Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive discovered identity relationships in data from millions of car shoppers and 40,000 dealers to enable reliable, predictive buyer insights.

Merkle company logo

Merkle enabled Clean Rooms and Customer 360 for personalized, private, and safe marketing.

Customer 360 use cases

Create unified customer profiles with a CDP

Use a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to build distinct customer profiles with attributes, device information, user consent, and more. Develop interactive graph applications to understand your customer journeys in chronological order with Amazon Neptune.

Enrich customer profiles using data partnerships

Build more personal and contextual experiences using product suggestions and data from 200+ providers in AWS Data Exchange. Securely collaborate with your partners on combined data sets with AWS Clean Rooms.

Create competitively differentiated customer attributes

Deliver offers that are uniquely yours based on the products, features, and attributes customers value based on data-modeling. Apply techniques such as propensity to buy and predicted lifetime value with Amazon SageMaker and AWS data services.

Enhance customer experiences with personalization

Integrate recommendations into websites, apps, and marketing platforms to engage and convert more customers with Amazon Personalization. Use generative AI to create highly personalized conversations, content, and promotional offers with Amazon Bedrock.

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