4 ways to become a data-driven organization

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  • Connecting all your data
  • Break down data silos to unlock the value of your data

    The challenges of siloed, unconnected data

    Data volumes and demand for data are ever growing. But data is often siloed across multiple locations, including data lakes, preventing organizations from delivering high-performance analytics and fully harnessing data. In addition, the legacy extract, transform, and load (ETL) approach to connect data sources slows down essential analytics and machine learning (ML) workloads.

    1 “The World Is Moving Beyond Big Data,” Business Wire, August 2022

    101,349 EB of data was generated in 2022 1

    AWS data services connect to 100s of data sources

    Connect and integrate all your data

    Easily unify all your data across Amazon Web Services (AWS), on-premises, and other clouds with AWS interconnected services that enable an end-to-end data strategy. Employ high-performance innovations at predictable costs for seamless scaling and use zero-ETL techniques to access data across data stores, data lakes, and third-party data. For necessary ETL use cases, AWS Glue provides secure data integration.

    The future of data management includes zero-ETL

    Whether it’s data in a database or a data lake, AWS can integrate data from different sources through no-code data pipelines or bypass ETL altogether. Customers who use the Amazon Aurora database and the Amazon Redshift data warehouse can get real-time insights on transactional data using the Aurora zero-ETL integration.

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    "By eliminating ETL, our customers can spend more time focusing on analyzing data and driving new insights of their business."

    Swami Sivasubramanian. VP of Databases, Analytics & ML at AWS

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    Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift

    A future of seamless data integration awaits

    Be part of a zero-ETL future—see the announcement from AWS CEO Adam Selipsky.

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    Driving unified data models effectively

    How Goldman Sachs empowers its data engineers to innovate faster. How Goldman Sachs empowers its data engineers to innovate faster.

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    Red BMW car parked in front of house

    Democratize data usage at scale

    To overcome the challenges of siloed data, BMW Group partnered with AWS to easily scale its data lake and accelerate innovation.

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    Learn how automation can democratize data usage

    In the next section, you’ll learn how intuitive ML-based automation can help employees generate accurate predictions and uncover insights through real-time intelligence. Discover how to leverage all your data with self-managing architectures that can scale as needed.

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  • Democratizing insights
  • Democratize access to data and insights for all your users

    Democratize data with automation

    Drive better, faster decisions across your teams using business intelligence (BI) and analytics. To uncover real-time insights, provide teams access to data when, where, and how they need it. Intuitive tools like ML-based automation and self-managing architectures help generate data-enabled predictions while avoiding increasing data complexity.

    Only 20% of enterprise decision-makers are using BI tools hands on 2

    Deliver and scale insights for all users

    Amazon QuickSight can auto-scale for consistent performance with a pay-as-you-use model and deliver unified insights to users when, where, and how they need it. All types of data users can connect to a portfolio of serverless AWS analytics services and get started with powerful analytics with no infrastructure management.

    Democratize data at scale

    BMW Group needed to scale its data lake because data wasn’t easily accessible when spread across a myriad of siloed environments. Now, a centralized AWS-based data lake forms the BMW Group’s foundation for developing data-driven IT solutions and enables the company to automatically and independently scale on a serverless architecture.

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    BMW Group uses AWS to process 10 TB of data daily from 1.2 million vehicles 3

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    Man wearing glasses holding a tablet

    Product-led growth, with embedded analytics

    Create differentiated products, generate new revenue streams, and deliver data-rich experiences for your customers.

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    Football players on the field

    NFL reveals real-time play insights

    See how the NFL is taking game day to the next level, generating real-time insights for fans, broadcasters, coaches, and teams.

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    Modernize your analytics approach

    Change the way you deploy analytics at scale to maximize performance and value of all your data sources.

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    Data-driven culture drives data-driven transformation

    Organizations globally face a major barrier to data-driven transformation: creating a data-driven culture. The following section outlines steps you can take to create, cultivate, and scale a data-driven culture, shifting your organization’s collective mindset to treat data as a strategic asset.

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  • Fostering a data-driven culture
  • Create a sustainable and scalable data-driven culture

    Foster a data-driven culture for transformation

    Today’s organizations face a major barrier to data-driven transformation: creating a data-driven culture. A lack of shared knowledge or definition of data-driven culture, a lack of data proficiency and data literacy, and siloed data can prevent the adoption of new data initiatives and essential data tools.

    4 Davenport, T., Wang, R., Tiwari, P., "8 Strategies for Chief Data Officers to Create and Demonstrate Value," HBR, January 2023

    55% of CDOs see data-driven culture as the top challenge to meeting their objectives 4

    "Data proficiency is about building a bridge between the science of data and the people at the front line who are acting on it."

    Ishit Vachhrajani, Enterprise Strategist at AWS

    Become a data-driven organization

    Leaders must promote a cultural change from the top down. Implementing an end-to-end data strategy is the most effective way to drive this culture change. It’s also important to free your teams to move faster with governed data across the data lifecycle and empower everyone at your organization to understand data through training.

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    Accelerate innovation by upskilling employees

    Principal Financial Group developed centralized training initiatives to upskill its employees on AWS. By improving organizational cloud fluency, Principal accelerated internal collaboration and speed of innovation while supporting employees’ professional growth.

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    "We used the AWS Skills Guild framework to create a culture around cloud learning, which accelerated our cloud adoption."

    Kathy Kay, SVP & CIO at Principal Financial Group

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    CIO guide to sustainable data culture

    Discover the four critical steps you can take to create a data-driven culture to drive business growth and innovation.

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    Woman standing with arms crossed leaning against table

    5 key elements of a data-driven culture

    Learn how to create and foster a data-driven culture, enabling every one of your employees to harness the power of data.

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    Develop an end-to-end data strategy

    Find out how you can extract more value from your data with an end-to-end data strategy.

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    Discover how to make data governance work for your organization

    Governance has become more complex with the abundance of data available stored across multiple locations. Despite this, it is possible to strike a balance between access and control and ensure users can find the right data, share it, and collaborate for better, faster decision making. In the next section, discover how AWS Analytics data governance can make that happen.

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  • Governing data
  • Achieve effective data governance—strike a balance between data control and user access

    The complexities of data governance

    With 90 percent of today’s data having been created in just the last two years, governing data has rapidly become more complex. Data projects and users now span regions and accounts. This diversification requires pragmatic analytics governance to maintain accessibility and data quality. Strong governance can help improve decision making and business agility while enhancing data compliance.

    90% of today's data has been created in the last 2 years alone 5

    Analytics in 15: Big Data and Data Governance with AWS Lake Formation

    Securely share data with users

    To achieve a balance between data control and access, you must unify, understand, and protect your data. AWS provides integrated analytics solutions to enable end-to-end data governance. Start by creating reusable data pipelines and simplifying ETL to integrate your data while ensuring that data is discoverable to all users. And don't forget to enable fine-grained permissions at scale to secure and share your data.

    How Prudential protected data value with data governance

    When building a new enterprise data solution, Shihas Vamanjoor, vice president of data and technology at Prudential, encourages organizations to clearly define their vision. Starting with business outcomes, automate governance and embed ownership at every stage. Rather than treating your future data solution as a data product, treat it as an application with its own engineering team.

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    "Automate governance at every step."

    Shihas Vamanjoor, VP, Data & Technology at Prudential

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    Man wearing glasses giving presentation

    Build better data governance for an agile organization

    Define and deploy a comprehensive data governance strategy with AWS.


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    Two people with helmets on standing in front of solar panels

    Discover the Amazon DataZone portal

    Make data accessible across your entire organization with governance and access controls.

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    Water droplets

    Discover new data governance capabilities with AWS Lake Formation

    Learn about the recent feature additions in AWS Glue and Lake Formation delivered in 2022.

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