Although Amazon Web Services, Inc. (“AWS”) is established in the United States, it is registered for Australian GST purposes as a normal taxpayer. As such, AWS accounts for GST at 10% on certain sales of AWS services to customers located in Australia. AWS’s online pricing does not include applicable taxes. All GST collected from Australian customers will be paid to the Australian tax office.

If you are using AWS’s services for business purposes and are registered for Australian GST, please update your payer and each linked account with your Australian Business Number (“ABN”) and the address to which the ABN is registered in the Tax Settings page here.

Once you provide your ABN in the tax settings, you will no longer be charged GST on a majority of your cloud computing services provided by AWS.

In case you have provided an ABN and purchase Chime, Connect or Snowball services, or do not update your account with your ABN, you will be charged 10% GST. This tax charge will appear on your commercial invoice. In addition, a GST compliant tax invoice will also be issued to you and will appear in your billing console.