Build on AWS edge services

Speed up your websites and APIs, scale them to millions of users, and protect them from DDoS attacks, automated malicious bots and CVE exploits.

Performance and availability

Internet users increasingly expect responsive web applications and APIs with lower latency and higher availability. Fast and reliable user experiences contribute to better ranking on search engines, and increased user engagement.

Addressing risks of cyberthreats

Publicly accessible web applications and APIs are exposed to threats such as commonly occurring vulnerabilities described in the OWASP Top 10 like SQL injection, automated requests by malicious bots, and DDoS attacks that can affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

Serverless at the edge

Developers are looking for tools to help them easily build modern web applications, and seamlessly integrate with origins in the Cloud or on prem.

Developers looking to keep their web application performant, resilient, and secure, introduce AWS edge services to their hosting infrastructure. AWS edge services encompass Amazon CloudFront, a global Content Delivery Network, AWS WAF, a security control to manage application layer threats, edge functions such as Lambda@Edge and CloudFront Functions to supercharge the functionalities of web applications, and AWS Global Accelerator, a network level accelerator. 

Incorporating AWS edge services into web application technology stacks adds multiple benefits:

  • Faster web: With caching, image/text compression, and modern internet protocols like HTTP/3 and TLS 1.3. Static and dynamic applications are accelerated by terminating TLS connections close to viewers from distributed edge locations, maintaining persistent TCP connections to origins over AWS’s private backbone network.
  • Higher reliability: With origin failovers, connection retries, and multi-Region architectures.
  • More security controls: such as TLS policy enforcements, access control, DDoS protection at infrastructure layer, blocking HTTP floods using AWS WAF, managing automated bot traffic using Bot Control and preventing CVE exploits using managed rules for AWS WAF by AWS Threat research team.
  • Functionalities at the Edge: Centralize operations like redirections, authorization or A/B testing across micro-services at the edge,  enable dynamic origin routing  and request adaptation, etc..

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