Artem Yushev, Staff Application Engineer at Infineon

 Munich, Germany

 Hero since 2020

Artem Yushev is a Staff Application Engineer at Infineon’s Digital Security Solutions (DSS) division in Munich, Germany. In his role he evangelizes Open Source Software within his company and outside it. He is passionate about embedded security in general and its application for IoT in particular. His contributions focus on FreeRTOS and hardware security usage in FreeRTOS with AWS IoT.

A key focus for him is to make security practices easy to understand for a broad audience, making them a requirement for any IoT device. Thus, one of his main responsibilities is to maintain and contribute to Infineon GitHub repositories.

As a co-author he writes blog-posts, as well as gives Webinars, including on the IoT on AWS blog and the IoT Times.

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