Cosmin Sanda

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Cosmin Sanda, Data Scientist & Engineer at AudienceProject

 Copenhagen, Denmark

 Hero since 2020

Cosmin combines data engineering with data science to deliver end-to-end products that are scalable and resilient. He designs and implements both batch and real-time Big Data pipelines that transform and enhance data assets. He currently works in the AdTech domain for AudienceProject and helps customers extract value from their inventory.

Cosmin is adding value to the ML community by writing tutorials that explain best practices, data manipulations, and steps required to deliver real-life working applications. He also contributes to open-source, provides support, and runs the Copenhagen Apache MXNet meetup group.

He is an avid user of Amazon SageMaker, which he uses as support for both professional and personal projects. He also promotes projects originating from the DMLC Group, such as XGBoost, MXNet, and Deep Graph Library.

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