Helen Anderson, Business Intelligence Consultant

 Wellington, New Zealand

 Hero since 2019

Helen is a Business Intelligence Consultant based out of Wellington, New Zealand. She focuses on leading projects that use AWS services to empower users and improve efficiencies.

She is a passionate advocate for data analysts and is well known in the Data Community for writing beginner friendly blog posts, teaching, and mentoring those who are new to the tech industry. In fact, her post, “AWS from A to Z,” is one of the most popular AWS post ever on Dev.to. Helen was also named one of Jefferson Frank’s “Top 7 AWS Experts You Should be Following in 2019.”

As a Woman in Tech and career switcher, Helen is passionate about mentoring and inspiring those who are underrepresented in the industry. She actively puts time into running technical training for junior data analysts who are passionate and driven to upskill, and who can benefit from learning about her personal experience making the move to a more technical role.

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