Juliano Cristian

AWS Community Hero

 Juliano Cristian, CEO of Game Business Accelerator Academy

 Santa Catarina, Brazil

 Hero since 2020

Juliano Cristian is CEO of Game Business Accelerator Academy and co-founder of Game Developers SC which participates in the AWS APN program. Its mission is to help communities and digital game companies in Brazil to use AWS Game Tech technologies.

He organizes the AWS Game Tech Lumberyard User Group in Florianópolis, Brazil, holding Meetups, Practical Labs, Game Jams, and Workshops. He also conducts many lectures at universities, speaking with more than 90 educational institutions across Brazil, introducing students to cloud computing and AWS Game Tech services. Whenever he can, Juliano also participates in other AWS User Groups in Brazil and Latin America, working to build an increasingly motivated and productive community.

Juliano's background is in game development and he's a graduate student in Big Data for the Games industry. He keeps learning more about game development using AWS Game Tech solutions, including Alexa for Games, how to use services for machine learning, session based multiplayer games with Amazon GameLift, and building with the Amazon Lumberyard engine. In addition, he continues to work on several personal projects and helping companies and game studios to create incredible games and achieving success with AWS Game Tech solutions!

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