Jungyoul Yu

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Jungyoul Yu, DevOps Engineer at Danggeun Market

 Seoul, Korea

 Hero since 2020

Jungyoul Yu works at Danggeun Market as a DevOps Engineer, and is a leader of the AWS DeepRacer Group, part of the AWS Korea User Group. He was one of the AWS DeepRacer League finalists at AWS Summit Seoul, and AWS re:Invent 2019.

Starting off with zero ML experience, Jungyoul used AWS DeepRacer to learn ML techniques and began sharing his learnings both in the AWS DeepRacer Community, with User Groups, at AWS Community Day, and at various meetups. He has also shared many blog posts and sample code such as DeepRacer Reward Function Simulator, Rank Notifier, and Auto submit bot. In 2019 he organized and supported seven community-driven leagues in Korea including AWS Startup DeepRacer League, Samsung OpenSource Conference, and Megazone DeepRacer Challenge.

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