Konstantinos Siaterlis

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Konstantinos Siaterlis, Head of Data Engineering at Orfium

 Athens, Greece

 Hero since 2020

Konstantinos Siaterlis is Orfium's Head of Data Engineering, a Music Rights Management company based in Malibu, California. In his day-to-day, he drives adoption/integration and training on several AWS services, such as Amazon SageMaker. Since 2017, he has focused on implementing Orfium’s big data Infrastructure, as well as developing a number of machine learning-driven data services powered by NLP.

He is the co-organizer of AWS User Group Greece, which covers introductory topics of AWS Services along with hands-on examples. He is also a blogger on TheLastDev, where he writes about data science and introductory tutorials on AWS Services, including "Monitor your training jobs with Amazon SageMaker Debugger", "Amazon Rekognition – Serverless image tagging", and "Amazon SageMaker – Bring your own Algorithm".

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