Mike Chambers, AI/ML Teacher at mikechambers.com

 Brisbane, Australia

 Hero since 2020

Mike Chambers is an independent trainer, specializing in AWS and machine learning. He was one of the first in the world to become AWS certified and has gone on to train well over a quarter of a million students in the art of AWS, machine learning, and cloud.

An active advocate of AWS's machine learning capabilities, Mike has traveled the world helping study groups, and delivering talks at AWS Meetups, all while posting widely on social media. Mike's passion is to help the community get as excited about technology as he is.

Originally from the UK, Mike now lives in sunny Queensland Australia with his family, Sparky the dog, and Asher the cat (plus a transient collection of emergency fostered animals), who all watch on as he attempts to use machine learning in his hunt for the perfect Lego brick sorting machine.

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