Setia Budi, Lecturer at Maranatha Christian University

 Bandung, Indonesia

 Hero since 2021

Setia Budi is an academic from Indonesia. His primary research interests include optimization problems, environmental monitoring, data science, and computer vision. He also runs a YouTube channel, named Indonesia Belajar, which provides learning materials related to computer science (delivered in Indonesian language). Through his YouTube channel, Budi expresses his passions in a podcast series, and about Linux, and cloud computing.

Budi is also proud to share his experiences and expertise with the local tech communities. He has spoken at numerous technical conferences including PyConID 2019 where he encouraged more people to write “Pythonic” code. In 2020 he delivered online workshops related to Data Science and Machine Learning for a number of communities, including Machine Learning ID and NUNI. In 2021, Budi has been featured in a number of podcasts and tech talk shows such as Ceritanya Developer, DeepTech Talks, and Kota Kode.

His passion for the AWS community is also expressed by delivering talks in AWS DevAx Connect. He is also actively building a range of learning materials related to AWS services and streaming weekly live sessions featuring experts from AWS to talk about cloud computing.

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