Tomasz Ptak, Senior Software Engineer at OpenMarket

 London, United Kingdom

 Hero since 2020

Tomasz is a software engineer with a focus on tackling technical debt, transforming legacy products to maintainable projects, and delivering a developer experience that enables teams to achieve their objectives. He is a senior software engineer at OpenMarket, a messaging solutions provider, where he ensures customers reach their customers at scale. He also partners with another AWS Hero Lyndon Leggate who runs data science and machine learning consultancy at Deep.

Tomasz is also a participant in the AWS DeepRacer League, a winner in 2019 September virtual league race, and a 2019 season finalist. He has been an leader in the AWS DeepRacer Community since day, running the AWS DeepRacer Community Blog and knowledge base, as well as his AWS DeepRacer log analysis tool. He also works on promoting AWS DeepRacer as a learning opportunity in the United Kingdom and Poland. Finally, Tomasz enjoys blogging about his learning journey as a human, a professional in tech, and a hobbyist baker.

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deepracer blog
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