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AWS re:Invent 2022 IDE Sessions

An archive of session recordings from re:Invent 2022 that explore the intersections of tech and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

AWS Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity  /  AWS re:Invent 2022

Taking a people-centric approach to tech

From discussions of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) best practices to equitable smart city infrastructure, attendees of AWS re:Invent 2022 dived deep on topics at the intersection of tech and inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Across each session, customers demonstrated how inclusion and diversity powered their customer-obsessed innovation.

The power of responsibility in AI/ML

As the world increasingly relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to inform decision-making, how can you advocate for your customers and maintain responsibility for your technology? Watch this session with Aileen Smith, Head of Content Strategy, Diversity Marketing at AWS, and Diya Wynn, Senior Practice Manager, AI/ML Ethics at AWS, to explore a strategy for the practice of responsible AI. Learn how to integrate a human-centered, culturally aware approach into product development work streams and build more trust with customers. Learn how to use big data responsibly, develop better AI systems, and build products and solutions to expand your customer base and serve people better.

Starting your responsible AI journey

Building more inclusive, responsible AI

With the growing use and scale of AI comes the recognition that we must all use it responsibly, respecting human rights, human dignity, and fundamental values such as equity, privacy, and fairness. In this session, hear from a panel of experts on challenges and issues facing organizations that are working to put responsible AI principles into practice.

A geographic perspective on responsible AI

With an upswing in AI/ML technology use and regulation right around the corner, AWS has helped customers to embrace the use of AI in a responsible manner. In this session, learn about work in Latin America and Australia that highlights the intersection of technology and society, and find out how the same approach can be utilized in any region.

Solving bias in an AI/ML-powered future

AI and machine learning define the future of technology, but this future depends on diverse representation. In this session, hear from AWS Partners and customers who have assembled diverse teams to deploy trustworthy AI/ML solutions, an AI/ML leader committed to lifting up other female technologists, and a recipient of the AWS AI & ML Scholarship.

Designing tech for underrepresented communities

Engaging priority communities in population health campaigns

Learn how the New Zealand Ministry of Health and Deloitte developed a national consumer engagement platform, powered by AWS, that creates meaningful connections with the individuals most in need of health services. Local health providers have the best understanding of their communities, and the platform gives these providers the tools to identify and engage priority individuals within their community with direct, personalized communications.

Data-driven outcomes in public sector workplaces

Diverse and inclusive teams can advance projects by providing more innovative ideas, better decision-making, and increased productivity. Discover how Chirality supported the U.S. Department of Justice’s mission to deliver medically necessary healthcare to federally incarcerated inmates across the country. Learn about the four imperatives chosen for assessing and providing solutions to improve the effectiveness of the inmate healthcare system. 

Equity in smart cities and transport

AWS is helping cities innovate faster, build smarter, and solve citizen challenges. Learn how the University of Melbourne has built its smart campus using a combination of cloud technologies to improve accessibility and inclusion on its campus. Hear about other use cases including a smart bus shelter that improved access to information and an open data solution that helps city planners and entrepreneurs understand residents’ needs and adapt to better serve them.

Innovation, intersection, and scale

Discover how ADP worked with AWS to achieve a level of engineering innovation and speed that helped bring more customers along on their journey to create HR tech. Learn about why this journey matters and how the team reached their goals in practice. Find out from leaders how AWS helped embed innovation in the work of IDE at scale. The session offers a detailed look at the specifics of progress toward solving data problems at the intersection of IDE and tech.