Florence School District 1

 South Carolina, USA

 Champion since 2023

Located in Florence, South Carolina, Florence County School District 1 (FCSD1) is the 15th largest school district in the area, serving over 15,000 students from pre-K through grade 12 across 24 public schools. With a mission of putting students first, the district's focus is to provide a quality education for every child.

FCSD1 is working closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on a multi-phase data center migration plan. This migration is helping FCSD1 change operations by enabling greater agility and scalability and increase resiliency by using AWS for their system data backups. In addition, FCSD1 is using AWS Control Tower to simplify management and monitoring of their multi-account environment while maintaining security.  

What is the AWS Education Champions Program?

The purpose of the AWS Education Champions program is to recognize, celebrate, and support education leaders driving digital transformation with cloud computing. Through this program AWS helps amplify their stories and voices, as well as supporting their continued innovation with our services. The individuals selected to be part of this community share a mission to transform and advance education, and promote AWS services, solutions, and best practices in education.