Jon Dunn, Assistant Dean for Library Technologies

 Indiana, USA

 Champion since 2023

As assistant dean for library technologies at Indiana University, Jon is responsible for information technology development and operations for Indiana University Libraries. Jon is principal investigator for the Audiovisual Metadata Platform (AMP) project, an open source workflow system that supports generation of searchable time-stamped descriptions for audiovisual content through a combination of automated and human processing, funded by the Mellon Foundation. Areas of automation being explored on the project include artificial intelligence and machine-learning-based functionality such as natural language processing, speech-to-text conversion, facial recognition, scene and music detection, object recognition and more. This project will make available content for scholarship, classroom use, and everyday understanding of our culture.

Prior to his current role, Jon served as the Director of Library Technologies and the Associate Director for Technology of the Digital Library Program at Indiana University. In these roles he was integral to the success of Avalon Media System, an open source system for managing and providing access to large collections of digital audio and video, and the Variations Digital Music Library, an open source digital library system providing online access to streaming audio and scanned score images in support of music teaching, learning and research.

Jon earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Rice University.

Jon lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his family and enjoys travel and cooking.

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Former roles
  • Director of Library Technologies, Indiana University
  • Associate Director for Technology, Digital Library Program, Indiana University
  • Assistant Director for Technology, Digital Library Program, Indiana University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, Rice University
  • Community-driven higher ed open source software development
  • Library digital repository and discovery systems
  • Models for library-IT collaboration in higher education
  • Travel
  • Cooking
Inspirational quote

“Only connect!”
– E.M. Forster, Howards End

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