Sarah Toms, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Wharton Interactive

 Pennsylvania, USA

 Champion since 2022

Sarah Toms is the co-founder and executive director of Wharton Interactive, an initiative at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to radically transform and democratize education.

She is a serious games expert and demonstrates thought leadership in the education technology field, fueled by a passion to find and develop innovative ways to make every learning environment active, engaging, more meaningful, and learner centric. Sarah and her team have built the award-winning Alternate Reality Courseware platform, as well as the most innovative catalog of games-based courses on the planet.

She has spent over twenty years as a leader in the technology sphere, and was an entrepreneur for over a decade, founding companies that built global customer relationship management (CRM), product development, productivity management, and financial systems.

In addition, Sarah is co-author of The Customer Centricity Playbook, the Digital Book Awards 2019 Best Business Book.

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