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Leadership Dialogue with Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services

In the latest CERAWeek Conversation, IHS Markit's Vice Chairman, Daniel Yergin is joined by AWS CEO, Andy Jassy. Watch as the two discuss the origins of AWS and how providing reliable, scaleable, cost-effective infrastructure allows companies in energy and other industries to innovate.

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the world’s consumption of energy. To meet these growing energy needs, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides energy companies the foundation to transform complex business and operational systems and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

AWS delivers the broadest and deepest cloud platform and industry solutions for energy companies to revamp legacy operations. This makes you less carbon intensive and accelerates your development of innovative renewable energy businesses and business models.

The Future of Energy (1:36)


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What's new

Amazon is Committed to a Sustainable Future

In addition to the environmental benefits inherently associated with running applications in the cloud, AWS is committed to achieving 100% renewable energy usage for our global infrastructure.


Lightsource BP Releases Smart-Home Energy Management App Twice as Fast on AWS

Lightsource Labs used AWS to develop and release TRIBE - an AI-powered, smart-home energy management solution - at twice the speed and one-third the cost of developing it in a traditional data center.

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Reimagining fuel stations with machine learning and IoT

BP and AWS technology help make repairs more swiftly and help detect issues before they occur and take preventive action.

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Optimize efficiency

Deliver improved safety and performance with edge-to-enterprise connectivity that seamlessly connects physical operations and IT infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Drive business agility

Improve decision-making across operations to respond to market fluctuations and shifts in energy demand quickly, while you innovate the design and scale of next-industry practices and energy solutions.

Increase Intelligence

Accelerate enterprise transformation with speed and scale through the deployment of the most advanced high-performance computing, machine learning, IoT, and data analytics capabilities.

Use cases

Seismic processing, interpretation, and modeling

Increase efficiency of exploration with an on-demand high-performance computing platform, common data repository, and collaborative geological and geophysical workflows.

Reservoir simulation

Quickly run and test simulations and use collaborative workspaces for reservoir development plans to drive increased oilfield recovery.

Subsurface data platform

Streamline seismic and well workflows through a single data lake for all subsurface data and enable advanced analytics with machine learning services.

Production monitoring and optimization

Lower your operating expenses, reduce downtime, and increase safety by streamlining production monitoring, production optimization, predictive maintenance, and route optimization workflows.

Supply chain

Automate planning, collaboration, execution, and insights across suppliers, service partners, and operations.


Improve SAP performance, reduce TCO, and extend SAP use cases with native AWS services.

Case studies

Energy companies are using the AWS cloud to transform their business and build for the future.


bpx energy uses AWS to edge closer to a net-zero ambition.

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ExxonMobil Global Projects Company transforms collaboration on major capital projects using AWS, with projected savings of thousands of engineering hours.

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Halliburton Landmark uses Amazon Aurora to boost performance by up to 30%.

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Stewart Fry, VP of Enterprise Information Technology and Services for bp, shares the AWS and bp story.

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Digital Twin allows remote facility exploration in-real-time using IoT, Robotics, and AI.

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Increased detection and remediation of potential security breaches by 100%.

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