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From decarbonization to cybersecurity, and more, we dive into critical topics for the energy industry and provide real-world case studies that show how cloud technologies are
helping reinvent the industry.

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This paper explores a real-world use case of building a secure global OT/IT network, segregating OT and IT traffic, creating an industrial IoT data lake, and seamlessly integrating legacy OT assets with the cloud on AWS.

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Meter Data Analytics 2.0 solution provides the speed and scalability to handle data from modernized grids and facilitates seamless integration of meter, customer, and asset data to can unlock new use cases.


Building Systems to Solve Complex Problems

In this episode, learn how QRI has gone about building solutions to complex problems within the energy supply chain.

Connecting to the things that matter

This episode discusses upstream production monitoring, production automation and optimization, and how a complete understanding of the production system can lead to cleaner, safer, and more profitable energy production.

Reducing Environmental Footprint through Production Lift Optimization

Learn the importance of production lift optimization and how the optimization procedure has changed in the past 15 years.

Enabling new solution development through cloud enabled low coding

In this episode, our host Joe Batir talks with Peter Black, President and Managing Director of EnergySys.

Accelerating the Energy Transition

Joe Batir talks with Hassane Kassouf, Head of Energy Innovation Programs at Amazon Web Services (AWS) about why AWS started the clean energy accelerator, what is different in the accelerator 2.0, and how companies can get involved.

Practical Approaches for Creating Cloud Fluency

Ollie Simpson, the Leader for Cloud Transformation and Learning at BP, talks to us about how BP is responding to their need for skills and talent throughout their cloud adoption.

Leading an Organization Through Cloud Transformation

Keisha Garcia, Cloud Transformation Program Director at BP dives deep on the importance of bringing your executive team along the journey, bridging organizational gaps while navigating change.


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AWS Digital Twin for Energy Asset Visulization
Secure and resilient Distribution SCADA on AWS
Running Power Grid Simulations with HPC on AWS
AWS ML for Renewable Energy Optimisation
Running Power Grid Simulations with HPC on AWS
IBM Maximo Application Suite on AWS Maximo for Asset
Improve EV Charging ROI with AWS Data Analytics
AWS Cloud Security for Utilities
Control DER with AWS IoT
Energy Bill Prediction with Alexa

Partner with Amazon Business

Amazon CloudWatch

As leading suppliers to the energy sector, AWS and Capgemini are committed to promoting a more secure, affordable and sustainable global energy system.

Amazon GuardDuty

Gain accurate and insightful understanding of the subsurface leads to efficient processing and high-quality data output.

AWS CloudTrail

BP turned to AI and machine learning; and partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide these tools at scale, helping to reduce repair costs and improve the customer experience.

AWS Config

Learn how data lakes are a way for companies to unlock their data, make it discoverable and searchable, and reduce the silos that currently plague the industry.

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Open data: The great enabler in UK utilities - Utility Week
In this landmark report, Utility Week in association with Amazon Web Services, sets out to understand the definition of open data and what it means for UK utilities.


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