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Dutch brewing firm Heineken produces and owns over 300 brands of beverages. From its world-famous Heineken lager to Sol, Amstel, and Strongbow—its portfolio of international, local, and specialty beers and ciders are enjoyed across 192 countries. Heineken is meeting the needs of the modern drinks consumer through digital innovation across its 165 breweries. Its aim: to be the best-connected brewer. Through the Connected Brewery platform, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the company is transforming its supply chain, automating processes, and optimizing equipment performance. And by moving mission-critical SAP workloads to the cloud, Heineken is realizing its EverGreen strategy with data-driven insight.

Heineken's Cloud Journey on AWS

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Advancing sustainability goals with cloud-based solutions

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Business Transformation

Realizing greater business value and accelerating digital transformation

  • Sustainability
  • 2023

    Heineken Centralizes Global ERP Datasets in SAP BW 4 HANA on AWS to Drive Business-Critical Insights

    Heineken’s EverGreen strategy drives the company’s vision for a sustainable, customer-centric, and socially responsible future. Supporting this vision through better use of data, the brewer engaged with AWS and worked with AWS Partner Lemongrass to integrate 50 SAP environments—as well as other enterprise applications—into a single cloud-based platform. With tens of terabytes of data centralized, Heineken has accelerated access to data from 9 months to almost instantly, improving analytics and increasing business insight across its global operations.

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    Our solution built on AWS makes data available, is scalable, and reduced the time to market of developing solutions globally and rolling them out in individual markets.”

    Jelle van Etten
    Head of Global Data Platform, Heineken

  • Business Transformation
  • 2022

    Heineken Taps the Cloud to Become Best-Connected Brewer

    For Heineken, digital transformation is all about connection. Whether that’s connecting employees to the right data, connecting equipment with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, or connecting its 165 breweries through its Connected Brewery platform running on AWS. Using cloud technology, the business is driving innovation and efficiency—making processes smarter, minimizing downtime, and optimizing production—to better meet the needs of customers.

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    We want to offer a seamless digital experience to all our consumers and customers, across all our touchpoints.”

    Ronald den Elzen
    Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Heineken


    Fireside Chat: Heineken Works with AWS Partner Schuberg Philis to Create Its Connected Brewery Platform—Which Gleans Production Insights

    How do you connect hundreds of breweries across the world, optimizing production with data-driven insight? Join this fireside chat to find out. Michiel Maagd—head of global portfolio for the Connected Brewery at Heineken—and Schuberg Philis’ chief technology officer Roeland Kuipers talk about how, together with AWS, they created an IoT platform that does exactly that. Using AWS, Heineken breweries have the data to better understand their supply chains and production lines, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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    Heineken Taps into Operational Efficiency Gains by Connecting Breweries with Schuberg Philis and AWS

    Heineken worked with AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner Schuberg Philis to create its Connected Brewery platform. Using AWS IoT Greengrass for data ingestion and edge computing, the platform gives operations teams access to real-time dashboards that help them optimize production processes. With a 10-percent boost to performance, Heineken is looking to replicate this success across all its breweries.

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About Heineken

A global brewer with more than 300 brands sold across 192 countries, Heineken is transforming its breweries by embracing the cloud and digitizing operations. By boosting performance, increasing efficiency, and accelerating innovation, the company is helping to realize its ambition of becoming the best-connected brewer in the world.

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