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Untangling multi-account management with ConsoleMe

In this AWS re:Invent 2020 session, explore a Netflix tool, ConsoleMe, developed to address this issue securely, reduce inconsistencies and delays experienced by end users, and lower the multi-account management burden.
At Netflix, the Cloud Infrastructure Security Team manages IAM permissions across hundreds of accounts, coordinating with users’ varied AWS experience. ConsoleMe simplifies IAM permissions management by showing Netflix cloud resources in a single interface. It provides a multistep, dynamic, self-service wizard, which determines permissions, generates resource policies automatically, and uses Zelkova to intelligently apply low-risk permission requests. ConsoleMe also brokers application AWS credentials to provide users with short-lived IAM credentials for testing and development.

We've heard great things from our users about the benefits of ConsoleMe and how it saves them time. Our goal is to keep improving ConsoleMe and automate as much of the space as possible, so we can empower engineers to spend their valuable time solving cutting edge problems, instead of wrestling with permissions.”

Curtis Castrapel
Sr. Security Software Engineer, Netflix

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