AWS Builders Online Series

Your quick start to AWS

AWS Builders Online Series

Your quick start to AWS

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 18 January, 2024

Jumpstart your cloud journey with AWS

AWS Builders Online Series is designed to enable you with core AWS concepts, step-by-step architectural best practices including demonstrations to help you get started and accelerate your success on AWS. Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you can learn something new and explore techniques to build, secure and deploy your first workload on AWS.

Learn the fundamentals and start building on AWS today!

Track 1: Build your applications

Track 2: AWS fundamentals

Track 3: Getting started with AWS

Track 4: Optimize Windows & SAP workloads on AWS

Event Highlights

Live closing & 15 sessions
Join Kris Howard, Head of Dev Relations, APJ, AWS and Donnie Prakoso, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS as they share the latest updates announced at AWS re:Invent 2023. Gain valuable cloud knowledge from AWS experts on a broad range of getting started topics across 4 breakout tracks.


Technical demos
Gain hands-on experience with step-by-step guides and technical demos.

 Why attend?

Get expert tips and hands-on demos on sessions around web and mobile applications, DevOps, databases, storage, enterprise workloads, and more.

 Who should attend?

This getting started series enables builders with the right skills to build and deploy fit-for-purpose solutions. Whether you are new or simply curious about AWS, join us to learn more.

Session Description
  • Build your applications
  • Build your applications

    Modernization with containers and serverless technologies (Level 200)

    Modern applications are built with a combination of modular architecture patterns, serverless operational models, and agile processes. They allow organizations to innovate faster while reducing risk, time to market, and total cost of ownership. In this session, we cover the benefits and wide range of options available with application modernization on AWS using the broad portfolio of container and serverless technologies and how they are used in the key modern application use cases.

    Speaker: Cameron Senese, Principal Container Specialist, AWS

    Deploy containerized web applications in minutes (Level 200)

    In this session, we show you how to build and deploy containerized web applications on AWS App Runner. AWS App Runner simplifies the deployment of web applications and APIs to the cloud, regardless of the programming language used, this means that even teams with no prior experience in container deployment or infrastructure management can easily deploy their applications. Learn how AWS App Runner automatically scales your application based on requests and load-balances traffic, making it ideal for applications that experience unpredictable traffic spikes.

    Speaker: Tuan Huynh, Cloud Application Architect, AWS

    Getting started with serverless applications (Level 200)

    Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications without the need for managing servers. You can develop web, mobile, and IoT backends, run stream processing or big data workloads, run chatbots, and more, without worrying about the infrastructure. In this session, we show you how to get started with serverless computing using AWS Lambda. Discover why serverless is an excellent toolset for experimenting with new ideas and how the modularity and extensibility of serverless applications enable you to start small and quickly add features. We will also introduce you to the broader portfolio of AWS services that can help you build serverless applications with AWS Lambda, including Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and more. Additionally, we will show you how to build our serverless applications and deploy them via code using AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) tool.

    Speaker: Tomas Mihalyi, Enterprise Support Serverless Specialist, AWS

    Deploy Infrastructure as a Code on AWS (Level 200)

    A new category of tools is emerging that challenges the legacy-centric approach to building modern cloud applications. In addition, the complexity of configuring services, implementing best practices, and securing workloads has led to greater pressure on builders trying to maintain productivity, cost, performance, and time to market. Join this session as we dive into Infrastructure from code, a configuration-free approach that interprets application code, automatically deploys, configures, and optimizes infrastructure to support workloads. Find out how IaC tools from AWS including AWS Cloud Formation and AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) enables seamless integration with development workflow. This session also includes step-by-step demo to help you get started.

    Speaker: Nelli Lovchikova, Solutions Architect Manager, AWS

    Observability for builders (Level 200)

    Observability is a practice that provides builders and developers with better insights into application behavior, enabling earlier identification, and rectification of application defects. In this session, we outline the steps to effective implementation of observability for modern applications. We then walk through how to enhance your application observability. Discover the tools and resources so you are empowered to rapidly identify, diagnose, and remediate application issues. We demonstrate on a Java app how logs, metrics, traces work by default, without any external libraries. The session concludes with the showcase on how to use AWS Lambda Powertools for Java to add logging, metrics, and traces to the application and run log insight queries for common use cases.

    Speaker: Abhishek Gupta, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS India

  • AWS fundamentals
  • AWS fundamentals

    Choose the right databases for application modernization (Level 200)

    The idea of one-size-fits-all monolithic database no longer fit today, as more organizations are building highly distributed applications using many purpose-built databases. The world is evolving and the categories of databases continue to grow. We are increasingly seeing customers wanting to build internet-scale applications that require diverse data models. In response to these needs, we offer the choice of key-value, wide column, document, in-memory, graph, time-series, and ledger databases. Each solves a specific problem or group of problems. In this session, learn more about AWS purpose-built databases that meet the scale, performance, and manageability requirements of modern applications.

    William Wong, Principal Database Solutions Architect, AWS
    Surendar Munimohan, Senior Database Solutions Architect, AWS

    Moving data to AWS - Find the right tool and process (Level 200)

    Finding the right approach of moving data workloads to the cloud can be daunting, but it is critical to ensure organizations can quickly reap the benefits such as increased agility, flexibility, and develop the ability to innovate faster. In this session, we walk you through how to select the right tools, protocols and mechanisms available to move your data efficiently and securely to AWS. We showcase the use of online and offline data transfer methods including AWS DataSync and the AWS Snow Family to accelerate moving your data, from on-prem, edge, and other environments to AWS. The session explores practical use cases, guidance on how to select the suitable methods for your requirements. The session concludes with a demo on how to use AWS DataSync and AWS Snow together.

    Lily Jang, Storage Business Development Manager, AWS
    Ameen Khan, Storage Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

    Building your first serverless SaaS applications (Level 200)

    Modern SaaS applications are increasingly reliant on serverless technologies. Serverless aligns naturally to the SaaS value proposition, enabling teams to better align their infrastructure costs with the activity of their system’s tenants. This session will look at how and where serverless constructs can be applied within your SaaS architecture, highlighting the natural fit between the needs of multi-tenant environments and operational/agility goals of SaaS organizations. As part of this, we’ll look at the Serverless SaaS reference architecture, an open source implementation using AWS serverless services built by the AWS SaaS Factory that can be used to build your SaaS business, spanning compute, storage, messaging, and other infrastructure components.

    Speaker: Zp Bappi, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, SaaS Factory, AWS

    Navigating data protection, governance, and digital sovereignty on AWS (Level 100)

    At AWS, we recognize that protecting customer data and earning customer trust and are key priorities for many organizations. This session shares how to build the right strategy that aligns people, processes, and technology to deliver data governance at scale. Understand how AWS configures appropriate access controls, monitors data for compliance, and layers security to protect data against malicious behavior. We also cover the use of leveraging data sovereignty controls and features to allow organizations to meet the evolving regulatory requirements anywhere they operate, without compromising on the capabilities, performance, innovation, and scale of the cloud.

    Speaker: Michael Stringer, Principal Security Solutions Architect, ANZO Public Sector, AWS

    Cloud cost optimization fundamentals (Level 100)

    Builders are constantly looking for solutions to increase efficiency by consolidating and maximizing resource utilization to deploy and scale applications. In this session, understand how to use Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and AWS Fargate - a powerful, cloud native service to create container-based workloads in a matter of minutes without managing the underlying infrastructure. We cover how you can reduce operational overheads from the control plane with Amazon ECS. We then explain the use of containers for bin-packing workloads, outline the various efficient scaling techniques, cost savings plans, blueprints, and how to leverage AWS Graviton to maximize business value while reducing costs.

    Speaker: Nick Yu, Senior Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services

  • Getting started with AWS
  • Getting started with AWS

    Getting started with AWS Startup Programs and accelerating your MVP development with AWS using Amazon CodeWhisperer and other tools (Level 100)

    The AWS Activate program is designed for startups and early-stage entrepreneurs, offering the resources needed to kickstart their journey on AWS. As a startup, building a minimum viable product (MVP) is a critical step, but it's also an unusual process. Unlike a prototype, MVPs prioritize the necessary features so that you can get to market quickly and then add additional features as you scale. In this session, we'll provide a quick glimpse of the tools including Amazon CodeWhisperer and methodologies available for building your MVP on AWS. From cloud infrastructure to developer tools and services, AWS provides a comprehensive suite of resources to help you bring your MVP to market quickly and efficiently.

    Nicha Suebwonglee, Venture Capital Business Development Manager, AWS
    Zahra Zahid, ASEAN Startup Solutions Architect Senior Manager, AWS

    Getting started with AWS Training and Certification (Level 100)

    Whether you are new to the AWS Cloud or looking to explore new services but unsure where to start, AWS Training and Certification has you covered. Our extensive range of resources are designed to help you build and validate your cloud skills across a variety of topics, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Join us to discover our free training programs, personalized learning plans, and tools that will accelerate your AWS knowledge and skills, enabling you to accomplish more in less time. Our comprehensive approach to training also includes valuable insights into job roles in the cloud, the benefits of becoming AWS certified, and the best methods to prepare for your exam.

    Speaker: Jack Romanous, Technical Trainer, AWS

    Generative AI for Builders: How to build innovative solutions with AWS (Level 200)

    In this session, learn what is generative AI on AWS and uncover benefits of leveraging the technologies to deliver outcomes including reinventing your applications, create innovative customer experiences and drive unprecedented levels of productivity. We explain the AWS services and tools to build and deploy generative AI models. Understand the many examples on generative AI applications in various domains and industries. We also share best practices and tips for designing and testing generative AI solutions.

    Speaker: Vatsal Shah, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS India

  • Optimize Windows & SAP workloads on AWS
  • Optimize Windows & SAP workloads on AWS

    Rapidly modernize your Microsoft applications on AWS (Level 200)

    AWS is a great place to run your Microsoft applications. More and more customers are moving away from traditional licensing products & lean towards more cloud native technologies. In this session, you will learn AWS tools such as .NET porting assistant and AWS Microservice extractor that allow you to quickly modernize your legacy Microsoft infrastructure. We will also explore how an open-source project called Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL allows you to easily move away from expensive Microsoft SQL server and start building on PostgreSQL with minimal code changes to your app.

    Speaker: Sriwantha Attanayake, Principal Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

    Accelerate your analytics journey with SAP data (Level 200)

    Do you want to accelerate your transformation with data from your SAP system? Customers find value in leveraging data from their SAP environments and combining it with other data in an open ecosystem. In this session, we demonstrate how this can be achieved using accelerators that are now available for customers. We also show you how you can bring your SAP data into AWS within just a few clicks, stage the data in a business process aware way, and make predictions from that data using AWS services.

    Peter Perbellini, ERP on AWS Specialist Solutions Architecture Lead, APJ, AWS
    Allison Quinn, Senior Analytics Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Keynote
  • Keynote

    Live closing - re:Invent recap (Level 100)

    Explore curated service enhancements and the latest updates announced at AWS re:Invent 2023. This recap details how builders can leverage these enhancements to innovate, save costs, and increase agility through cloud technologies.

    Kris Howard, Head of Dev Relations, APJ, AWS
    Donnie Prakoso, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS

  • Japanese
  • Korean
Level 100

Sessions are focused on providing an overview of AWS services and features, with the assumption that attendees are new to the topic.

Level 200

Sessions are focused on providing best practices, details of service features and demos with the assumption that attendees have introductory knowledge of the topics.

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1. Where is AWS Builders Online Series hosted?
2. Who should attend AWS Builders Online Series?
3. How do I get the certificate of attendance?
4. Are there sessions in other languages?
5. Do I need to attend all the timings to complete the online series?
6.What is the price to attend AWS Builders Online Series?
7. Can I get a confirmation of my AWS Builders Online Series registration?
8. How can I contact the online conference organizers?

Q: Where is AWS Builders Online Series hosted?
AWS Builders Online Series is an online event. After filling up the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email.

Q: Who should attend AWS Builders Online Series?
Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you can learn something new at AWS Builders Online Series. AWS Builders Online Series is designed to help you develop the right skills to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications.

Q: How do I get the certificate of attendance?
Complete watching 5 sessions or more to receive a certificate of attendance to the email address registered for the event before 9 February, 2024.

Q: Are there sessions in other languages?
The online series is available in English, Japanese, and Korean.

Q: Do I need to attend all the timings to complete the online series?
No, the sessions are repeated to accommodate attendees in different time zones. You may select any timing that works best for you.  

Q: What is the price to attend AWS Builders Online Series?
AWS Builders Online Series is a free online event.

Q: Can I get a confirmation of my AWS Builders Online Series registration?
After filling up the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please reach out to us if you do not receive the confirmation email.

Q: How can I contact the online conference organizers?
If you have questions that have not been answered in the FAQs above, please email us.

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