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Europe, Middle East & Africa
EMEA Summit Online 2020 Banner
Europe, Middle East & Africa
 June 17, 2020 - 09:00 (UTC+1)

Connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS at AWS Summit Online

Join the AWS Summit Online on June 17 and deepen your cloud knowledge with this free, virtual event.

Hear from your local AWS country leaders about the latest trends, customers and partners in your market, followed by the opening keynote with Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com. After the keynote, dive deep in 55 breakout sessions across 11 tracks, including getting started, building advanced architectures, app development, DevOps and more. Tune in live to network with fellow technologists, have your questions answered in real-time by AWS Experts and claim your certificate of attendance. All sessions will be available in English with subtitles in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

So, whether you are just getting started on the cloud or are an advanced user, come and learn something new at the AWS Summit Online. 

What to Expect

Opening Keynote
Hear the very latest in cloud vision during the Opening Keynote by Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com.

55+ Sessions 
Learn from AWS experts to accelerate your cloud journey and deep dive into architecture and code. Based on your business needs and technical expertise, build your own agenda from a broad range of topics: Devops, app development, emerging tech, InfoSec, data and analytics, and more.

Builders' Zone & Technical Demos
Dive deep into technical stacks, learn how AWS experts and community heroes have helped solve real-world problems for customers, try out demos with step-by-step guides, and walk away with the ability to implement these or similar solutions in your own organization.

Ask the Experts Live Q&A
Connect and dive deep with AWS business and technical experts through 1-to-1 live chats at each breakout session and throughout the day.

AWS DeepRacer Challenge
Get started with reinforcement learning by building your own model and racing a fully autonomous race car. Compete for prizes and meet fellow machine learning enthusiasts online.

Work with AWS Partners
Discover how AWS Partners can help you unlock agility and innovation for your business. Find the right partner for your organization as you learn about the AWS Partner Network (APN) program and chat with our partner team.

Resource Center
Learn more by downloading resources around AWS Marketplace, AWS Partner Network, and more. Gain access to short tutorials, whitepapers, reference architectures, and customer case studies to expand your knowledge of AWS.

Certificate of Attendance & AWS Credits
Watch five sessions live and receive a certificate of attendance and fill out the feedback form at the end of the event to get $25 AWS credits.

Skill Zone & Hands-On Labs
Practice and build your AWS skills right here, right now, with the Skill Zone. Learn from a series of Hands-On labs, chat with our trainers online to understand how to get started, get certified, and build your own learning path moving forward.

Startup Loft
Learn more about the AWS Activate program, which aims to educate startups on how to get access to resources and quickly get started on AWS. Be inspired by startup success stories and hear from our startup experts.

What to Expect


55+ Sessions

Builders' Zone &
Technical Demos

Certificate of Attendance & AWS Credits

Ask the Experts
Live Q&A

Explore our rich agenda and dive deep into your core topic of choice or join a starter session to learn something new. Find the track that fits you.

New to the cloud
I am new to the cloud
Read and write code
I read and write code
Building Applications
I build applications
Data analysis
I analyze data
Emerging Tech
I work with emerging tech
Who should attend?

Who should attend?

This event is designed for technologists of all levels. Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you can learn something new at AWS Summit Online. The event is designed to help you develop the right skills to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications.
Why attend?

Why attend?

We recognize customers are in many stages of their cloud adoption journeys - initial exploration, superuser status, and everything in between. This conference will enable you to maximize innovation with access to scalable and flexible infrastructure and applications.

Timing & Location

Wednesday, June 17 | Online


09:00 - 14:00


10:00 - 15:00

Cape Town

10:00 - 15:00

Kyiv / Jerusalem

11:00 - 16:00


12:00 - 17:00

Keynote Speaker - AWS Summit Online EMEA

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.com

Dr. Werner Vogels is Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com, where he is responsible for driving the company's customer-centric technology vision.

As one of the forces behind Amazon's approach to cloud computing, he is passionate about helping young businesses reach global scale, and transforming enterprises into fast-moving digital organizations.

Vogels joined Amazon in 2004 from Cornell University, where he was a distributed systems researcher. He has held technology leadership positions in companies that handle the transition of academic technology into industry. Vogels holds a PhD from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and has authored many articles on distributed systems technologies for enterprise computing.

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