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Join us for a unique event - Transformation Day London - and discover first-hand the transformative opportunities of the cloud for your whole organisation.

For the first time, we’re bringing senior executives, business leaders and tech heads together to explore the advantages of the cloud and answer your security, legal and procurement questions.

  • Business leaders - If you are a CFO trying to understand the financial impact of cloud adoption, a CMO looking to deliver a personalised experience to your customers or a business leader pushing for digital transformation, this event has sessions tailored to you.
  • Legal/procurement leaders - Get answers to your compliance questions around cloud adoption: from GDPR to data privacy laws.
  • Technology leaders -  Dive deep into services that help power innovation in the enterprise as well as methodologies to help support those innovation efforts. Our AWS experts will be on hand to answer your technical questions during the sessions.
08:30 - 09:30 Registration

The event keynote will be delivered by Paul Misener, VP Innovation at Amazon, who will talk about our culture of innovation and how that translates into competitive advantage for our customers.

Additionally, you will hear from three AWS customers, Andrew Brem, Chief Digital Officer at Aviva; Anne Boden, CEO at Starling Bank; and Doug Gardener, CIO at River Island; who will talk about how they’ve transformed their organisations with the cloud.

Speakers: Paul Misener, VP Innovation at Amazon; Andrew Brem, Chief Digital Officer at Aviva; Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank; and Doug Gardener, CIO at River Island.

In this session, Mario Thomas – a Senior Consultant in the AWS Professional Services Advisory Practice – will take you through the key steps to creating a compelling business case that communicates the financial and economic benefits of cloud adoption for your organisation.

Speaker: Mario Thomas, Senior Consultant, Global Advisory, Amazon Web Services

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Elasticity and security are enabling enterprises to move highly regulated workloads to the AWS Cloud. However, given the sensitivity around this protected customer data, what newly released services can be implemented to remain secure and compliant? Find out in this session for Chief Security, Risk and Compliance Officers.

Speaker: Dave Walker, Security Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

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AWS offers its customers the tools you need to comply with EU privacy laws. This session will summarise how AWS supports your compliance strategy, including compliance with the latest regulatory developments in the EU, including the GDPR.

Speaker: Liz Bauza, Senior Corporate Counsel, Amazon Web Services

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Over this session, we will ask why major IT transformation projects seem to be so challenging and whether ignoring the probability of success and failure through TCO analysis makes such tools dangerous when poorly applied. He will attempt to answer the question “why is cloud really a lower cost that buying and running IT on-premise. He will then present a systems thinking approach to IT due diligence that includes TCO as one of the many value drivers in cloud adoption.

Speaker: John Enoch, Cloud Economics, Amazon Web Services

When you think of Amazon, you probably think eCommerce. With more than twenty years helping millions of customers find, discover and buy the products they want, that’s understandable.

In Caleb Hill’s Beyond Retail discussion, we will look at how Amazon innovation launched Amazon Media Group, or AMG, our advertising arm. At AMG, we focus on developing new and exciting innovations that delight our shoppers and advertisers alike.

Please join us to learn more about how we innovate across Amazon, as well as engaging ways to grow your brand’s presence and reach customers.

Speaker: Caleb Hill, Advertising Sales Director, UK & Spain, Amazon

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12:00 - 13:00 Lunch, Partner & Solutions Expo

Amazon AI services bring natural language understanding (NLU), automatic speech recognition (ASR), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) technologies within the reach of every developer. Based on the same proven, highly scalable products and services built by the thousands of deep learning and machine learning experts across Amazon, Amazon AI services provide high-quality, high-accuracy AI capabilities that are scalable and cost-effective.

Speaker: Ian Massingham, Worldwide Lead, Technical Evangelism, Amazon Web Services

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Top-down support is essential for creating meaningful change – whether that change be technical or cultural. Securing buy-in at the C-level means speaking the language that your executives want to hear. Translation: Focus on your corporate initiatives. During this session, Scotia Gas Networks will share details about its journey to the cloud and how this shift was integral to transforming its business and achieving its corporate strategy.

Speaker: Paul Hannan, CTO, Scotia Gas Networks

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Many customers have discovered AWS to be a great environment for running their Windows workloads – making Microsoft licensing compliance critically important. In this session we will look at some of the Microsoft products customers are running on AWS and how they are integrated into their operations. We will also walk through the multitude of licensing options you have and explain how AWS tools can help you achieve Microsoft licensing compliance.

Speaker: Allan Knudsen, Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services

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As cloud use continues to expand, many customers are facing a new type of challenge: finding qualified IT talent with cloud skills. AWS helps organisations get the cloud skills they need with a range of training and certification programmes for our partners and our customers.

Speaker: Attila Lengyel, Training Manager, Amazon Web Services

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In this talk Dom be looking at what he learnt building the EVRYTHNG IoT platform which helps billions of things get smart since 2011. In particular he'll be talking about patterns and anti-patterns, tools and common architectures. Finally, we'll have a glimpse at the future of IoT which will truly transform our businesses: from smart labels to LPWAN and blockchains.

Speaker: Dominique Guinard, CTO & Co-Founder, EVRYTHNG

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Customers using AWS benefit from over 1,800 security and compliance controls built into the AWS platform and operations. In this session, you will learn how to take advantage of the advanced security features of the AWS platform to gain the visibility, agility, and control needed to be more secure in the cloud than in legacy environments. We'll take a look at several reference architectures for common workloads and highlight the innovative ways customers are using AWS to manage security more efficiently. After attending this session, you will be familiar with the shared security responsibility model and understand how to benefit from controls from the rich compliance and accreditation programs maintained by AWS.

Speaker: Stephen Quigg, Principal Security Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

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With customers migrating workloads to AWS, we are starting to see a need for the creation of a prescribed landing zone, which uses native AWS capabilities and meets or exceeds customers' security and compliance objectives. In this session, we will describe an AWS landing zone and explain features for account structuring, user configuration, provisioning, networking and operation automation. The Migration Landing Zone solution is based on AWS native capabilities such as AWS Service Catalog, AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS Config Rules, AWS CloudTrail and AWS Lambda. We will provide an overview of AWS Service Catalog and how it be used to provide self-service infrastructure to applications users, including various options for automation. After this session you will be able to configure an AWS landing zone for successful large scale application migrations.

Speaker: Koen Biggelaar, Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture, Amazon Web Services and Mahmoud ElZayet, Solutions Developer, Amazon Web Services

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Customers often have financial motivations for moving to a more efficient, scalable, and cost effective model that AWS provides.  In this session, we will help CFOs and senior finance executives gain a better understanding for how moving to the cloud impacts business value and supports strategic objectives. From enabling customers to exceed revenue and EBITDA targets, to tackling the challenge of digital transformation, you will hear how other customers have realized the value of moving to the cloud and best practices to make your cloud migration successful.

Speaker: Thomas Blood, Enterprise Evangelist, Amazon Web Services

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For many organizations, a perceived lack of cloud skills in their staff can limit their move to the cloud. Proper training of your engineers and developers can speed the pace of adoption, cloud migration, and delivery of business benefits by effectively operating the AWS Cloud. In this session, we discuss field-proven, prescriptive steps for reskilling and scaling your technical teams so that you can use the AWS Cloud securely, efficiently, and effectively.

Speaker: Mario Thomas, Senior Consultant, Global Advisory, Amazon Web Services

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For many organizations, a perceived lack of cloud skills in their staff can limit their move to the cloud. Proper training of your engineers and developers can speed the pace of adoption, cloud migration, and delivery of business benefits by effectively operating the AWS Cloud. In this session, we discuss field-proven, prescriptive steps for reskilling and scaling your technical teams so that you can use the AWS Cloud securely, efficiently, and effectively.

Speaker: Jonathan Allen, EMEA Enterprise Strategist & Evangelist, Amazon Web Services

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14:40 - 15:15 Break

qAn overview of value drivers in cloud adoption decisions and why clarity on risk appetite and the ability execute change is too often neglected as much of the expertise employed in cloud adoption gets focused on either strategic analysis or systems implementation. During this session, we will highlight the opportunities to increase the likelihood of success by improved commercial due diligence and where risk and controls frameworks may help or hinder progress.

Speaker: John Enoch, Cloud Economics, Amazon Web Services

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The cloud has accelerated the pace of technology innovation. But what about software procurement and service management? In this session, we will explore how software procurement is changing in the cloud and how leading-edge customers are taking advantage of AWS Marketplace to optimise cloud software procurement. We will also discuss how AWS Marketplace is making it easier to discover, procure, and deploy software as well as how AWS Service Catalog makes it easier to manage your software portfolio.

Speaker: David McCann, VP, AWS Marketplace

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Hear how customers adopt AWS Cloud at scale. This session will be presented by Jonathan Allen – AWS Enterprise Strategist and Evangelist. Sharing some of his personal experience as the previous CTO of Capital One and his lessons learned moving to cloud and from working with many customers across the paradigms of People, Process and Technology and leveraging first-hand knowledge of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework and Mass Migration best practice.

Speaker: Jonathan Allen, Enterprise Strategist, Amazon Web Services

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Join this introductory session on Internet of Things (IoT) to understand how to extract more value from your connected devices. During the session, we’ll look at AWS IoT-specific services, such as AWS Greengrass and AWS IoT.

In particular, we’ll explain how they help you collect and send data from your connected devices to the cloud, analyse it and use it to manage your devices better. With less time spent collecting, loading and analysing data, you can focus on high-value projects. As part of the session, you will hear real industry examples, including a presentation from Intel on specific Intel IoT technologies, such as the Intel Developer Kit, and a case study that shows how Rio Tinto is using IoT to improve its operations. The session will also give you practical steps for getting started with IoT prototyping yourself.

Speakers: Ian Massingham, Worldwide Lead, Technical Evangelism, Amazon Web Services and Scott Mordue, Intel IoT Developer Enabling Manager

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AWS helps you make timely, evidence-based decisions and increase your competitive advantage by transforming your data into business insights. In particular, our AWS Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions can help you collect, process and analyse your data – with no need to procure or manage traditional server infrastructure in-house. You can scale your analytics operations up, or down, in the AWS Cloud in real time, giving you more agility and lowering your IT costs. Join this session to learn how AWS Big Data and AI solutions can help you maximise the strategic value of your data and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Speaker: Antonio Alvarez, Sr. EMEA Business Development Manager for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Amazon Web Services

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16:00 - 18:00 Networking Reception


Mike Clayville

Paul Misener is Amazon.com’s Vice President for Global Innovation Policy and Communications. An Amazon veteran of over 17 years, Paul served as the company’s Vice President for Global Public Policy from February 2000 to May 2016.

Both an engineer and attorney (BS, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Princeton University, 1985; JD, George Mason University, 1993 and Distinguished Achievement Award, 2001), Paul advocates Amazon’s culture of customer-focused innovation; serves as Amazon’s most senior policy spokesperson worldwide; and guides development of Amazon global public policy positions. He has testified before the US Congress over 30 times and frequently before other policymaking bodies around the world.

Mike Clayville

Gavin is Managing Director of Amazon Web Services in the UK & Ireland and is responsible for driving the teams and strategies that are helping customers and partners to power Britain’s digital economy, through Cloud Computing. Gavin has more than 16 years’ experience working in some of the most prominent technology companies of their time.

Mike Clayville

Doug joined River Island in 2011 as Chief Information Officer and is responsible for the overall technology strategy for River Island Tech.

Doug has been instrumental in the transformation of the Tech department taking River Island into a new digital environment.

Since 2011 River Island has launched a new web platform, mobile apps and mobile site along with building out international capabilities like language, payment and delivery offerings. Over the past year and into the future Doug will be placing increased focus on service channels, building a store of the future and building a customer focused, digitally engaged agile team. One of his major innovations was the opening of the RI:TECH Shoreditch collaboration hub which has introduced a new way of working for River Island as a whole. His vision and passion is for RI:Tech to be a measured with other Tech organisations and not just those only in the Retail space.

Prior to River Island Doug headed up IT at French Connection working on SAP ERP and working to build up their digital capabilities

Mike Clayville

Three decades ago, Anne Boden pioneered the UK’s first same-day payment service – and in the process transformed the future of electronic money. Today, that revolutionary zeal continues to inform her work at Starling Bank, the mobile-only current account app she launched earlier this year.

Recently recognised as one of the Global Power Women in FinTech, Anne’s worked at a senior leadership level across some of the world’s best-known financial heavyweights, among them Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland. It was during her tenure as CEO of Allied Irish Banks, however, that she begun to explore the exciting potential of financial technology for transforming customer’s everyday lives.

At heart a tech start up with a banking licence, Starling is a challenger bank built on a foundation of disruptive emerging technology, working to take on traditional legacy banks and help people to develop a healthier relationship with their money.

Mike Clayville

Andrew joined Aviva in December 2014 as Chief Digital Officer. Andrew is accountable for driving Aviva’s digital transformation, impacting every aspect customer interaction across all Aviva’s markets – offering customers a frictionless digital experience, transparent pricing and increased rewards for their loyalty. Under Andrew’s leadership, Aviva have become digital leaders in the insurance industry, building core digital IP such as “Ask it Never” that delivers both commercial and customer value.

Andrew's previous roles include launching Hive, the Connected Homes division of British Gas and leading the multichannel ecommerce and services businesses at Carphone Warehouse. His early career was in strategy consulting at McKinsey, where he worked on a broad range of assignments in retail and consumer businesses across the globe.

Andrew holds a first class degree in philosophy, politics and economics and an MSc in the economics of developing countries from Oxford University. Andrew also has an MBA from INSEAD, France.

Here’s just a flavour of what you’ll get from attending the Transformation Day in London:

Discover how the cloud can help you innovate, save money, bolster security and improve agility. See how your organisation can respond faster to changing conditions and grow with seamless scalability.

For many, the cloud represents a step into the unknown - raising questions around cost, compliance and security. This is a great opportunity to get clear, pragmatic answers and put your mind at rest.


Innovators, pioneers, growth hackers: meet the people who are achieving great things with the cloud. And yes, they’ll be more than happy to answer your questions – that’s why we invited them!

Share your experiences and best practices with your peers, meet intriguing new thinkers, and gain valuable new contacts. We’re all exploring the world of cloud together, so let’s share, talk and learn.

Be inspired by others’ experiences – hear what organisations like NewsCorp, Netflix and Intuit have achieved with the cloud, and get the knowledge you need to maximise your cloud potential.