Pricing summary / tiers

With AWS FIS, you pay only for what you use. There are no upfront costs or minimum fees. You are charged based on the duration that an action is active. The AWS FIS price is $0.10 per action-minute for all regions except AWS GovCloud (US-East and US-West), where the price is $0.12 per action-minute.

An action is the fault injection activity that is run during an experiment. For example, increasing CPU utilization on an instance or failing over a database is called an action. Experiments include one or several actions that will be run in sequence or in parallel per your specification. Charges are the same regardless of the action type, number of affected resources, or total experiment duration.

Duration is the amount of time that an action is run and its effects monitored. It is calculated from the time an action starts until it stops, rounded to the nearest minute. Actions stop when they have completed or when they are stopped early, either manually or via an automatic stop triggering event.

Pricing examples

If you have an experiment which includes 2 actions that run in parallel for 20 minutes each and 1 action that runs for 10 minutes after the previous action complete, then your cost would be calculated as follows:

Total action-minutes = 2 actions x 20 minutes + 1 action x 10 minutes = 50 action-minutes
Charge to run the experiment = 50 action-minutes x $0.10 per action-minute = $5

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