Posted On: Mar 28, 2017

AWS Storage Gateway has updated file gateway to add additional NFS mount options to your file share, and enable scanning for added and deleted objects in your mounted Amazon S3 bucket. 

Using the Storage Gateway management console or service API you can now configure a file share to be exported read-only, or squash user permissions to a default user and group ID. This configuration is per file share, and provides additional control over how NFS clients can access and manipulate the objects in your S3 bucket.

Additionally, a new API and console action enables you to initiate a scan for objects added to, or deleted from, the S3 bucket associated with a file share. This scan updates the inventory of objects maintained and stored on the gateway. The inventory is used when performing file system operations to reduce the latency and frequency of S3 requests. You can use this new action to make available as files, objects that have been added to your bucket by in-cloud workloads, S3 cross-region replication, or AWS Snowball.

Together these enhancements enable you to provision a single gateway writing to an S3 bucket, and any number of read-only gateways which are accessing the same bucket, to share file-based data across multiple sites or user groups.

These new capabilities are available today in an updated VM image downloadable from the management console. For existing file gateways, a software update will be applied automatically during your next scheduled weekly maintenance. You can also apply the update manually through the management console or service API.