AWS Billing and Cost Management Console Home

Make faster, better-informed Cloud Financial Management decisions with tailored insights and recommendations

Why AWS Billing and Cost Management Console?

The AWS Billing and Cost Management Console Home helps you make faster, better-informed decisions by providing an overview of your AWS cloud finances and tailored recommendations.


Gain insights including spending trends (along with dimensions including application, service, and member account), whether any cost anomalies or budget overruns require attention, and what the most impactful savings opportunities are, all in one place.

Prioritize your next steps with tailored recommendations ranging from best practices like using AWS Budgets for cost control to advanced techniques like queuing a Savings Plans purchase to cover an upcoming expiration.

Seamlessly transition from insights to action with clear calls to action and deep links to the right tool for the job.

AWS Cloud Financial Management Guide

Adapt your financial processes to be cloud ready.

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Use cases

Understand your organization’s cloud finances holistically, from cost trends to budget compliance to cost allocation.

Decide where to focus and what actions will drive the biggest financial impact, whether it’s tagging resources to improve cost allocation coverage or terminating idle resources to improve cost efficiency.

Learn how to lower your bill, improve cost visibility and governance, and prevent unwanted spend with best practice recommendations and clear calls to action.