Actility ThingPark Enterprise Private LoRaWAN Networking Solution

Carrier-grade LoRaWAN infrastructure tailored for the enterprise market


Industries, such as construction, transportation and logistics, oil and gas, and manufacturing, all have initiated the digitalization of their business processes to make it safer, more sustainable, and efficient. Building a dependable and scalable IoT infrastructure is a key step in that digitization process, as companies need to connect their most valuable assets and transform the aggregated data into actionable business insights. There are many solutions in the market to connect assets, but customers need to connect with efficiency, consistently aggregating data from a wide variety of assets with various legacy interfaces, easy to deploy by removing the need for wires, and ultra low-power to connect non-powered assets. Connecting with efficiency is key to ensure that companies digitize their business operations while improving their ROI.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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Actility ThingPark Enterprise is the leading long range wide area network (LoRaWAN) private networking solution that streamlines the digitalization of your business processes by connecting your most valuable assets with efficiency. Deploying ThingPark Enterprise, you will benefit from a dependable, secure and scalable private LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure to enable a wide variety of IoT use cases such as indoor/outdoor asset tracking, while ensuring the power-efficiency needed to ensure solutions ROI. ThingPark Enterprise streamlines IoT network operations, providing enterprises with a proficient user experience to easily build a multi-gateway LoRaWAN network and feed data to IoT applications. ThingPark Enterprise dashboards provide key operational insights and alarm management.


A dependable connectivity management solution seamlessly integrated with AWS IoT, to enable the IoT use cases of your choice eliminating wiring constraints.

  • Dependable Industrial infrastructure – ThingPark Enterprise uses the same technology trusted by leading service providers and major enterprises to deliver a secure and field-proven solution. ThingPark powers over 35,000 commercial gateways managed worldwide.
  • No wires – Eliminating wiring for most sensors, ThingPark Enterprise saves you time and money to accelerate the deployment of your Industrial IoT projects.
  • Seamless integration with AWS IoT – Transforming sensor data into actionable insights requires a proficient application suite to store, transform, analyze and act on data. ThingPark Enterprise provides a seamless integration with AWS IoT to make sure you’ll get the best out of your data. 
  • Any use case, anywhere – ThingPark Enterprise support integration of remote sites for all regional radio regulations and offer the widest device interoperability to let you deploy the use case you need and connect your legacy systems (Modbus bridge, pulse, 4-20mA, RS232/485).


Build a private LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure quickly
ThingPark Enterprise allows customers to quickly build a dependable private LoRaWAN infrastructure and streamlines its operation, making sure enterprises focus on business operations. ThingPark Enterprise User Interface (UI) provides wizards to easily build a multi-gateway LoRaWAN network, with the ability to combine different gateway types (indoor, outdoor) from a large choice of LoRaWAN gateway manufacturers. Connecting sensors and feeding data to IoT applications only requires a few clicks leveraging our wide catalogue of LoRaWAN sensors and IoT cloud connectors. Network operation is simplified as ThingPark Enterprise dashboards provide key operational insights and alarm management.

Quickly transform sensor’s data into actionable information with AWS IoT services
ThingPark Enterprise has been designed to quickly integrate sensor’s data with your IoT application, offering a comprehensive set of device management APIs and a rich catalogue of off-the-shelf cloud-to-cloud connectors. Customers can aggregate sensor data within their AWS IoT environment seamlessly. ThingPark Enterprise AWS IoT connector ensures smooth device provisioning and secure data delivery to AWS IoT Core and can be easily deployed using AWS CloudFormation. Supporting 100s of LoRaWAN drivers, ThingPark Enterprise accelerate the data analysis process by delivering actionable data points to AWS IoT Core service.