AWS Mainframe Modernization Refactor with AWS Blu Age

AWS Blu Age powers the automated refactoring pattern within AWS Mainframe Modernization service to accelerate the modernization of the mainframe applications complete software stack including application code, dependencies and infrastructure. Modernized applications implement best practices and design patterns, leveraging industry standards and cloud services to derive business components and macroservices. Applications modernized by Blu Age balance legacy constraints and cloud benefits to ensure critical applications meet or exceed scalability and agility requirements for simplified maintenance and operations aligned to business needs.

AWS Blu Age Refactor automatically creates modern applications from legacy monolithic mainframe or midrange source code. Applications in COBOL, generated COBOL, PL/1, NATURAL, RPG/400, COBOL/400 and their respective underlying databases and data files DB2, DB2/400, VSAM, IMS, IDMS are transformed into modern distributed applications relying on Angular, Java/Spring, PostgreSQL or other databases such as Amazon Aurora, RDS for PostgreSQL, Oracle database, IBM Db2.


Boost application agility

The Blu Age modernized application stack implements DevOps best practices with newer language and frameworks increasing agility both at the application level and at the infrastructure level.

Increase talent pool

With popular language and technologies, the Blu Age-refactored applications can be maintained and enhanced by numerous Java developers and IT professionals making it easier and quicker to onboard talented professionals.

Accelerate modernization project

The mature Blu Age automation guarantees functional and performance equivalence increasing the speed and quality of migration and modernization projects.

Use cases

Application refactoring for modern language, frameworks, and stack

Customers adopt Blu Age refactor pattern to leave legacy languages and dependencies and automatically transform their applications with newer language, web frameworks, and interfaces.

The modernized application and infrastructure stack allows using popular tools for development, integration, security, and leveraging a wide choice of solutions options for quickly building innovations.

Create macroservices or microservices for more agility

Blu Age toolchain creates service-oriented and object-oriented applications and facilitates the modernization towards granular services for business efficiencies.



Demos and Videos

AWS Mainframe Modernization Blue Age Refactoring Demo

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Customer presentation from re:Invent 2022 – Jonas Software Group

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Sirius migration: with Blu Age, an AWS Mainframe Migration Service

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Refactor your mainframe workloads to AWS - AWS Online Tech Talks

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Cobol to Java: The migration path

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