Virtualization for SPARC on AWS with Stromasys

Stromasys Charon technology
Traditional IT systems may run mission-critical workloads in non-x86 environments such as Solaris/SPARC. Customers are asking to retire legacy hardware and modernize with cloud. Virtual machines running legacy workloads on cloud can preserve business functions without the dependencies on aging hardware.
Stromasys Charon hardware emulators enable a lift-an-shift migration of mainframe applications from SPARC machines to SPARC-compatible virtual machines running on the AWS Cloud. The virtual machine provides a virtual legacy hardware environment on top of an Amazon Linux instance. Applications are moved unchanged to the AWS Cloud minimizing the need for any recertification and retraining. Rehosting of applications on virtual machines can help accelerate modernization timeline, reduce operating costs, and improve resilience.


Accelerate modernization

Mission-critical workloads running in non-x86 environments such as Solaris/SPARC cannot be migrated easily to the cloud without considerable refactoring and cost implications. This can be a challenge for customers wishing to exit their data centers and modernize to cloud. Virtualization for SPARC on AWS with Stromasys enables as-is rehosting of applications and accelerates migration of such workloads to the AWS Cloud.

Reduce operating costs

Rehosting of legacy applications on the AWS Cloud supports a choice of instance sizes for right-sizing and optimizing costs. The pay-as-you-go pricing for the cloud resources consumed by the applications can lower the operating costs further.

Improve resilience

With this solution, aging hardware is replaced with the latest Amazon EC2 instance types with a large choice of compute resources. Also, AWS enables best practices for disaster recovery across AWS Regions globally.

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