JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Migration to AWS

Syntax will cooperatively plan, design, execute, and optimize
your JD Edwards environment on AWS.

Enterprises are being mandated to focus their technology on investments that will broaden their own products, services, and value proposition. Running JD Edwards workloads in on-premises data centers incurs years of technical debt, requiring constant reinvestment. Enterprises that are tasked with migrating to the cloud to mitigate their legacy environments are challenged with the effort, time, disruption, and expertise required for this transformation. Syntax's cloud migration and managed services offer takes charge of your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1) migration to streamline your transition and future environment.

Syntax Enterprise Cloud®, powered by AWS, is a go-to solution for JDE E1 cloud migrations executed with precision by a team of AWS experts and JD Edwards System Architects. Syntax couples its extensive JD Edwards on AWS experience and unique tool set with managed services that are automated, secure, scalable, and provide full visibility. Syntax's model provides a completely dedicated tenant structure, so there is no lock-in and the customer can take control of their own account.

Syntax will architect and transform JDE E1 environments to maximize uptime and performance, while leveraging the full range of AWS capabilities to scale and evolve without limitation. Syntax’s team of JD Edwards and AWS experts have a proven migration methodology that follows an iterative path to a new operating model in the cloud.


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Peace of mind

Proven JDE E1 migration methodology onto AWS, coupled with next-generation security.

Intelligent platform

Full visibility into your AWS instances along with 24/7 alerting to keep JDE E1 systems available.


Proven design on AWS for JDE E1-specific mission-critical business applications.

Improved productivity

Automation with self-healing and auto-scaling that frees resources for higher-impact tasks.

  • How it works
  • Syntax begins the journey to AWS with an Architecture Design Session (ADS) where Syntax reviews IT objectives, workloads, pain points, and the corporate objectives. Syntax then analyzes key enterprise resource planning (ERP) ecosystem components that are unique to the client, such as third-party solutions, reporting, business intelligence, document management, and form management. Beyond the ERP components, Syntax will take a deep dive into all current platforms, databases, middle-ware, system utilization, and usage characteristics to map the most optimal solution on AWS.

    The ADS will be followed by a planning and strategy session where Syntax provides recommendations for infrastructure, applications, interfaces, and architectural refactoring. Design of the AWS environment will be validated against current infrastructure to make certain every component has been accurately mapped. Once validated, migration planning and strategy recommendations will be provided that address potential issues, risk remediation and mitigation, licensing options, service management, and ongoing optimization/right-sizing opportunities.

    Core to Syntax's capabilities are its differentiated automation and development technologies that free the customer's resources for higher-valued tasks and provide visibility that was previously not possible. EnterpriseCare® has been designed and developed to provide deep visibility and a rich set of JDE E1-specific functions; FraudID proactively detects and alerts suspicious transaction activity; and EnCrypto selectively encrypts JDE E1 data, leveraging military-grade encryption.

    Syntax will deliver a complete end-to-end migration plan. Inclusive to the plan are cloud infrastructure and middle-ware provisioning, full migration strategy, systems and technology testing/recertification, user acceptance testing, reporting, resource optimization, go-live assessments, systems and technology validation, user validation, and risk mitigation recommendations.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Assessment and consultation

    Initial exploration of customer's cloud challenges and corporate objectives 

    2) Architecture design

    Deep dive into key ERP ecosystem and infrastructure components

    3) Architecture strategy

    Provide recommendations for all ERP, infrastructure, and availability and security requirements

    4) JD Edwards migration planning

    End-to-end migration plan based on Syntax's extensive expertise with JDE E1 migrations to AWS

    5) Configure, migrate, test, and optimize

    Execution of the migration plan: systems and application validation, user acceptance testing, and optimization

    6) Go-live

    Go-live readiness assessment, risk mitigation recommendations, and final transition to AWS

    7) Operations and maintenance

    Service management initiation and maintenance with ongoing right-sizing and cost optimization

  • Customer contribution
  • Key resources

    List of key resources needed for the JDE E1 migration.

    Challenges, pain points, and objectives

    Understanding of what issues the customer is facing so Syntax knows what to solve with the migration.

    Current JDE E1 environment details

    All JDE E1 components, third-party solutions, reporting, and BI: details of systems, functions, and metrics.

    Compliance and security requirement

    Customer's industry compliance needs plus security assessment based on needs.

    Business continuity components

    Customer's RTO and RPO requirements for both regional availability and disaster recovery.

    Migration timelines

    Understanding of timelines for the project and business risks associated.

    Licensing requirements

    Understanding of current licensing and any modifications needed with a re-platform or upgrades.

  • About this consultant
  • Since 1972, Syntax has been providing comprehensive technology solutions to businesses of all sizes, with thousands of customers around the globe trusting Syntax with their IT services and ERP needs.

    Today, Syntax is a leading managed cloud provider for mission-critical enterprise applications. Syntax has undisputed strength to implement and manage ERP deployments (Oracle, SAP) in a secure and resilient private, public, or hybrid cloud. With strong technical and functional consulting services and world-class monitoring and automation, Syntax serves corporations across a diverse range of industries and markets.

    Syntax is an AWS Partner offering consulting services and an AWS Oracle Competency Partner with 100+ JDE customers migrated. Syntax was a pioneer for migrating JDE E1 solutions to AWS and is now an industry leader for JDE E1 migrations to AWS. 

  • Architecture diagram

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Syntax’s AWS validated qualifications, customer references, and office locations.

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Syntax has demonstrated deep AWS technical expertise and proven customer Syntaxsuccess.


JDE EnterpriseOne on AWS: Flexibility, Elasticity, Automation, Availability, and Breadth of Services

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