Amazon FSx for Lustre

Fully managed shared storage built on the world's most popular high-performance file system.

Benefits of FSx for Lustre

Accelerate compute workloads with shared storage that provides sub-millisecond latencies, up to hundreds of GBs/s of throughput, and millions of IOPS.
Access and process Amazon S3 data from a high-performance file system by linking your file systems to S3 buckets.
Optimize price and performance with a range of deployment options, including storage type, performance tier, and replication level.

How it works

Amazon FSx for Lustre provides fully managed shared storage with the scalability and performance of the popular Lustre file system.

Diagram that shows how to set up shared storage with Amazon FSx for Lustre. Described at the link "Enlarge and read image description."

Use cases

Reduce training times with maximized throughput to your compute resources and seamless access to training data stored in Amazon S3.
Power the most demanding HPC workloads with fast, highly scalable storage, natively integrated with AWS compute and orchestration services.
Support thousands of compute instances running complex analytics workloads on petabytes of data.
Respond to ever-shorter visual effects (VFX), rendering, and transcoding timelines with storage that scales with your compute.

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