Posted On: Feb 26, 2021

AWS Launch Wizard now gives you the option to specify a private IP address of your choice for each EC2 instance in your SAP deployment. This makes it easy to adhere to organizational security/ governance processes that dictate which IP addresses are permissible.

Prior to this launch, AWS Launch Wizard would automatically select an available private IP address within the subnet range where your SAP deployments are happening. For some customers, this meant waiting for network teams to open firewalls or adjust other security/governance controls post-deployment to access the system. Now, you can specify available IP addresses already approved by internal security and governance teams during the Launch Wizard deployment process, and your SAP environment is accessible as soon as the deployment is finished.

Launch Wizard will continue to automatically select available private IP addresses for customers who do not provide their own.

To learn more about AWS Launch Wizard, visit the Launch Wizard Page, or learn how to deploy SAP HANA on AWS with AWS Launch Wizard in under 2 hours in this short demo.