AWS HealthScribe pricing

Pricing overview for AWS HealthScribe

With AWS HealthScribe, you pay as you go based on the seconds of audio processed per month. Usage is billed in one-second increments at $0.001667 per second, with a minimum per-request charge of 15 seconds. Pricing includes features such as turn-by-turn transcription, speaker role identification, transcript segmentation, clinical entity extraction, and evidence-based clinical document summarization.

AWS Free Tier

As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can get started with AWS HealthScribe for free. Upon sign-up, analyze up to 300 audio minutes monthly free for the first 2 months.

Pricing examples for AWS HealthScribe

Region Price
US East (N. Virginia) $0.001667 per second

Pricing example

Let’s assume that you want to use AWS HealthScribe to process 1,000 consultation audio transcripts per month, and the average call is about 15 minutes each. This equals 15,000 minutes of audio per month. Since AWS HealthScribe is priced at $0.001667 per second, or $0.10 per minute, your monthly charges will be as follows.

Calculation of monthly charge:

Total monthly audio minutes analyzed = 15,000 minutes
Total cost = Total minutes * price per minute
Total cost = 15,000 minutes * $0.10 per minute
Total cost = $1,500

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