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athenahealth, Inc.

athenahealth had been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) services since 2016 to automate its VPC infrastructure. For a security project, athenahealth decided to use AWS security services to complement its existing investment in AWS infrastructure. When it launched the project, the company was able to rapidly deploy security changes and add AWS Network Firewall to hundreds of VPCs across 120 accounts within just a few days.

“We were drawn to AWS Network Firewall because the managed solution meant that we wouldn’t have to look at scaling solutions or worry that we’d always have enough capacity. Having all that done automatically on AWS was a huge win.”

Mike McGinnis, senior engineering manager for the public cloud team, athenahealth Inc. 

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Volkwagen Financial Services


PayU is a financial technology company that provides payment gateway solutions, such as the PayUbiz online payment gateway and Citrus UPI mobile app, to online businesses globally, including leading ecommerce companies and airlines. It processes around 1.2 million payments every day and serves over 4.5 million merchants across India with more than 100 payment methods. The PayU platform and infrastructure engineering team has streamlined firewall management on AWS. 

“AWS Network Firewall and AWS Global Accelerator have reduced management complexity, because there’s no more manual effort involved. We have more flexibility to control access to hybrid environments and better manage traffic layers.” 

Head of Network Security, PayU

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Rapid7 has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) companywide since 2014. Seeking more control over and better observability of its network traffic, Rapid7 used AWS Network Firewall—a service for deploying network firewall security across virtual private clouds. In 2022, Rapid7 developed a proof of concept for using AWS Network Firewall in 2 weeks, quickly validating that the service was a good fit to incorporate into its solution. 

“As we roll the solution out to new regions, everything is seamless. We’re in a much better state and can be much more efficient using AWS.”

Elaine Hardwick, Director of Engineering, Rapid7

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Sonos connects millions of listeners around the world to the content they want, where and how they want it. It is best known for its multi-room audio products, including smart speakers that connect to the cloud and stream music. To build these devices, Sonos employees need reliable access to data and a network that they can use to share that data. 

“AWS Network Firewall acts as a robust inspection engine for the traffic that enters and leaves our AWS Cloud WAN solution. AWS traditionally has had many layers of security available through security groups, network access control lists, and routing. By building on AWS Network Firewall, we could strengthen our defense strategies on every layer of the network.”

Ben Robinson, Principal Network Engineer, Sonos

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