AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance

A dedicated physical appliance for on-premises deployments

The AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance is a physical, standalone, validated server configuration for on-premises deployments. It comes pre-loaded with Storage Gateway software, and provides all the required CPU, memory, network, and SSD cache resources for creating and configuring File Gateway, Volume Gateway, or Tape Gateway. The Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance is designed to provide you with a simple out of the box experience that does not require any additional infrastructure, and is managed from the AWS Console or API.
Frequently, branch offices, research and development departmental workgroups, and laboratory or industrial sites lack the on-premises infrastructure to run a virtual machine appliance, hypervisors, server clusters, and networked storage systems. Building and managing this infrastructure, or waiting for a future budgeting cycle to begin work or scale operations, simply may not make sense. The Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance can be dropped in and rapidly set up, providing local applications access to virtually unlimited cloud storage for a wide variety of use cases.
Bristol Myers Squibb Discusses the Benefits of the AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance (2:45)
AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance

Benefits, use cases and ordering information

AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance Overview (2:02)

Since this is a dedicated appliance, you can expect consistent and predictable performance for your applications that are using the Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance. The Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance integrates seamlessly into existing IT environments as it supports standard storage protocols such as NFS, SMB, and iSCSI.

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Element Biosciences

Element Biosciences is creating a brand-new DNA sequencing platform to meet diverse and ever-changing needs in this dynamic market. Element's mission is to empower customers with disruptive DNA sequencing technology in an open and collaborative manner to advance genomics research as a community.

"With AWS Storage Gateway, Element Biosciences is able to store vast amounts of research data that is generated on premises, and then process that data in AWS using our cloud-based processing engine. This enables us to maximize our infrastructure utilization and further advance our genomics research in a more agile manner."

Lance Smith, Director of Information Technology – Element Biosciences

Appliance Details

The Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance comes with Storage Gateway software pre-installed on a validated server configuration. It is designed to provide consistent performance across deployments, making ongoing management easy. The current specifications include:

  • Pre-loaded AWS Storage Gateway software
  • 1RU, rack-mountable server appliance
  • Choice of 5TB or 12TB usable enterprise SSD cache storage
  • 4 x 10GbE DA/SFP+ ports, supports 1/10G Intel compatible optical modules (SR or LR), Twinax DACs, 1/10G-BaseT copper transceivers
  • Dual hot-swap redundant power supplies
  • 3 year hardware warranty, with next business day parts replacement and onsite field technician support - accessed and coordinated through your normal AWS support channels

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