AWS IoT FleetWise (Preview)

Easily collect, transform, and transfer vehicle data to the cloud in near-real time

Access standardized fleet-wide vehicle data without the need to develop custom data collection systems.

Reduce costs and enable more efficient data transfer with intelligent filtering that sends the exact data you need to the cloud.

Surface vehicle health data in near-real time to detect and mitigate issues faster, help prevent potential recalls, and remotely assist customers.

How it works

AWS IoT FleetWise makes it easy and cost effective for automakers to collect, transform, and transfer vehicle data to the cloud in near-real time and use it to build applications with analytics and machine learning that improve vehicle quality, safety, and autonomy.

Use cases

Train computer vision models

Train autonomous vehicles (AVs) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with camera data collected from a fleet of production vehicles.

Help minimize warranty claims and recalls

Use near real-time data to proactively detect and mitigate fleet-wide quality issues.

Improve EV range estimates

Improve electric vehicle (EV) battery range estimates with crowdsourced environmental data, such as weather and driving conditions, from nearby vehicles.

Notify drivers of changing road conditions

Collect select data from nearby vehicles and use it to notify drivers of changing road conditions, such as lane closures or construction.

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