AWS IoT FleetWise

Unlock the value of vehicle data

Benefits of AWS IoT FleetWise

Improve data relevance with intelligent data collection that sends only the data you need to the cloud for analysis.
Analyze standardized data from a fleet of vehicles without developing a custom data collection or logging system.
Gain a unified view of data collected from both standard sensors and vision systems and keep it automatically synchronized in the cloud.

How it works

AWS IoT FleetWise makes it easier for you to efficiently collect vehicle data and organize it in the cloud so you can use the data to improve vehicle quality, performance, and autonomy.
Diagram of how AWS IoT FleetWise collects and transfers vehicle data to the cloud in near real time

Use cases

Continuously improve machine learning models used for autonomous and advanced driver assistance systems by collecting data from production vehicles.
Use data from infotainment systems to make in-vehicle audiovisual content and in-app insights more relevant.
Use insights from fleet data to monitor EV battery health and charge levels, manage maintenance schedules, analyze fuel consumption, and more.

Building connected vehicle platforms

Discover how to modernize vehicle connectivity and data collection with AWS IoT services. Learn about what to consider when building your connected vehicle platform and how you can securely scale your fleets.

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