Crowley Carbon Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service

Delivering energy savings through data


Crowley Carbon energy-as-a-service data-led solutions delivered through the Clarity application running using AWS IoT infrastructure is the ”killer app” for delivering value from your data and connected factory. In collaboration with AWS, we can aggregate all the critical data from the disperate systems in your factory or facility and use this data to delivery energy savings. Combining years of energy efficiency expertise with edge and cloud computing we can not only provide an outcome-based business case for a connected factory, but also guarantee and ensure the result. This can give you comfort, in combination with Crowley Carbon and AWS’s global capability, to roll connected factory solutions across your entire portfolio.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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We live in a world of data abundance. Modern (and not-so-modern) factories have plenty of systems: supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), building management system (BMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), data historians, etc. that all contain huge amounts of data. The problem is that the opportunity is being wasted. The data is all disparate and difficult to leverage to create meaningful outcomes. It is not difficult to imagine that by connecting these systems and applying intelligent technologies that things can be run more efficiently and effectively, but where do you start? How do you know where the value is if you currently can’t see it?

With AWS edge and cloud platform expertise, combined with Crowley Carbon’s domain expertise in energy, manufacturing and industrial process allow us to offer a unique proposition to AWS customers. Our combined architecture allows us to seamlessly integrate to your production systems and near-instantly surface-up meaningful data. The Crowley Carbon domain experts can then help you use this data to deliver and maintain energy and other process savings. The advanced processing available in the AWS cloud means that these savings are not just one off’s but can be continuously improved.



Super-charge your connected factory with our outcome-based solutions that deliver guaranteed results.

  • Guaranteed Energy Savings – We will guarantee energy savings in your factory and guarantee the results, typically 15%+ of your energy bill. We will also ensure the outcome with an underwriting from AXA.
  • Process Automation through Real-Time Data – We connect to all energy meters with a facility, and remove the requirement to manually check and compile the data. We also automate bill validation.
  • Universal Connectivity – Our Clarity application, in combination with AWS IoT infrastructure, can talk all major industrial languages and protocols bringing your data to one place.
  • Process and quality savings – In addition to the energy business-case, our solutions offers the ability to interrogate and analyze production data to gain other process and quality optimizations.


Real-time Predictive Energy and Process Analytics
Clarity can model any process from a top-down, first-principles perspective and a bottom-up data-driven empirical perspective. These models integrate with the live production, weather, and other factory data sources to be able to accurately predict current and future performance. Deviations from these models generate alerts for automatic intervention or generate work orders in other systems. Over time, these models learn to provide ever-increasing accuracy.

Savings Measurement and Verification
In building a business case for a connected factory, not only is it critical so show a theoretical return on investment, but also to prove that it was delivered. A core feature of the Clarity application is the ability to benchmark consumption and usage comparing those benchmarks with the actual. Using well established protocols, we can prove optimizations and interventions for process and energy optimizations work as well as deliver results.