Domo IoT Asset Tracking

A joint solution from Verizon, Domo, and AWS IoT


Businesses worldwide, especially those that transport high value or critical assets, are searching for a reliable way to track their assets and use asset data to optimize operations. Understanding what’s happening to an asset anywhere along the supply chain, or at any point in time, can lead to real-time data insights and more informed business decisions. This level of detail helps drive operational efficiencies and cost control, along with fast issue identification and resolution.

You need an IoT solution capable of tracking assets at scale. But building a system that can track device status, integrate data, provide analysis, and make it available to business users is complex. The time, cost, and expertise required to design, manufacture, and certify an end-to-end solution prevents many companies from even getting started.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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Verizon, Domo, and AWS IoT have collaborated to deliver a secure, reliable, enterprise-grade solution that can ingest and store massive amounts of IoT data, combine it with data from other parts of the business, and then analyze and apply sophisticated data science in order to set up alerts and deliver key insights to decision-makers and cross-functional teams.

Domo’s Asset Tracking Solution is built with three key components that work together to help you quickly and affordably get value from your IoT asset tracking information:

  • Verizon Critical Asset Sensor 
  • AWS IoT Core and Data Services in the Cloud  
  • Domo Platform and Asset Tracking App 


Domo and Verizon deliver asset tracking out of the box, with:

  • Device data and connectivity - With Verizon’s LTE Cat M1 low-power wide area network (LPWAN), sensors securely and reliably gather geo-location and environmental device data at scale.
  • Cloud scale - With AWS IoT Core, your connected device data is stored in AWS and can easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices.
  • Seamless data distribution - With Domo, connect your IoT and other source data and make it available to business users with Domo’s Asset Tracking app, with dashboards that can be viewed on desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Native alerting - With Domo, get real-time alerts on your phone when an anomaly is detected, such as a machine going offline.


Integrate data with ease
With a robust data pipeline, data integration is quick and automatic.

  • Get data streaming functionality integrated natively into AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Analytics.  
  • No need for configuration when new assets are brought online—new data begins feeding into the pipeline automatically. 
  • Integrate data sources from other parts of your business--such as finance, sales, or service--see how your IoT data is impacting your business.

Track devices in real time
Get pre-built dashboards that show the status of all your devices in real-time, with interactive charts that are easy to use and available on your computer or phone.

  • Use machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to get predictive insights and proactively solve problems.
  • Get automatic insights on your data, such as outlier detection, correlations, and more.
  • Set up custom alerts to be notified when data varies from your defined thresholds.