PI Labs TIxS CL Plug & Play Vehicle Positioning Device

Connect Vehicles to the Cloud in Seconds


Logistics and insurance companies handle large vehicle fleets and need comprehensive, easy-to-integrate aftermarket IoT solutions to digitize their business. Customers want to collect, store, and transmit reliable data from onboard sensor devices with connectivity. Reliability and security are critical. Devices must be protected against misuse. Integration into customer cloud infrastructure must be single-click. All hardware should be included and not be dependent on peripheral global positioning system (GPS) trackers or cellular mobile devices. Solutions should deliver functionality for provisioning new and additional services, such as trip processing or driver scoring, with scalable infrastructure to ensure a long product life cycle.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 10/2020
Author: AWS 

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The PI Labs TIxS CL IoT, a plug and play vehicle tracking product with sensors, connectivity, and integration features, transmits live sensor data from vehicles and assets to the cloud within seconds. The integrated sensor technology and radio module can be stationed in a vehicle for quick tracking, fleet, and asset management. The LTE Cat-M1 and Narrowband IoT radio module, built in battery pack as well as state-of-the-art data security provide the ability to manage and update the devices completely remote. Customers always have full control and transparency regarding the data.

Along with hardware devices, the TIxS CL solution comes with a set of additional services for analysis and monitoring of driving data to scale into existing data infrastructures.



  • Quick setup for full functionality - Everything is pre-configured to connect the device to a vehicle and to your AWS Cloud infrastructure. 
  • Comprehensive onboard sensors - High data quality based on precise onboard sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.) within the device.
  • Scalable, secure, and reliable - Fully LTE-M-capable, with the highest safety and security standards through TLS 1.2 and storage of several weeks of data in case of no network connection.
  • Remote update and configuration - Over-the-air updates and configurations are protected through an onboard recovery image which can easily be applied.


Out-of-the-box system setup and system integration support
TIxS as a certified IoT device for AWS is designed to be integrated seamless into your existing AWS infrastructure. Users can start with a preconfigured CloudFormation Template and get up and running easily on AWS infrastructure. If no infrastructure exists yet, the AWS experts at PI Labs are happy to help to perform a system integration to provide a fully functional solution in AWS tailored to user needs.

Full transparency over data and maximum security
Positioning data becomes a concern to privacy, but TIxS has it covered. Sensitive data and certificates are stored within a crypto module on the device and data transmission is fully encrypted.